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The Angels of Desolation (known internally as the 'Noble Hearts') are an 8th Founding Successor Chapter that hails from the venerable Dark Angels. Of all the Sons of the Lion, the Angels of Desolation are among the most frightening. Stricken by a curse of daemonic origin, the Chapter has been forced from the Imperium, to forever patrol the outlying borders of that Great Empire, and to stay ever-vigilant against unknown threats from the outer dark.

Chapter History

The Angels of Desolation were birthed during the 8th Founding 598.M35, alongside such Chapters as the Mantis Warriors and Angels Revenant, from the gene-seed of the venerable Dark Angels. Following their inception, the Angels of Desolation lived a typical existence as one of the Unforgiven, following much of the culture and traditions of the Dark Angels.

This would change in the year 358.M36, when the Daemon Prince [REDACTED] would begin a campaign of terror in the far reaches of the galaxy. With visions of the future, the Dark Angels gathered the Angels of Desolation and a handful of other Unforgiven Chapters to 'deal' with this threat.

Upon reaching World 1983917+_9371rir, also known to the Dark Angels as 'Havenfell', this Dark Angels recruiting world was under assault from the Daemon Prince and a small army of 'Fallen'. Uncovering the Daemon Princes plot, namely to forever curse all of those with the Gene-Seed of the Lion with a Curse so foul it would render them all but extinct in days.

The Unforgiven acted quickly, and a battle devolved into a melee. In the end however, the Unforgiven were losing, and losing badly. The power of the Daemon Prince struck down dozens of their number in minutes.

With no other choice, the Supreme Grand Master of the Angels of Desolation rammed his Battle-Barge onto the battlefield, instantly dismantling the spell and destroying most of the traitorous host. The Daemon Prince survived long enough to grasp what remained of his spell however, and forever cursed the Chapter who had foiled his plot, forever cursing them to a life of isolation.

Cast out from the Imperium on suspicion of corruption, thanks to their curse, and with most of their chapter lost on Havenfell, the Chapter very nearly went extinct.

For forty years they voyaged, and through many hardships their remaining fleet was sucked into the warp and deposited in one of the massive space hulks drifting through the unknown reaches of the void. After cleansing it, the Chapter made it their new home, as it was far away from any possible threats, while also being large enough to host most of their infrastructure.

Chapter Organization

The Angels of Desolation do not follow the strictures of the Codex Astartes, owing to both their isolation and the unusual foes. Instead, they have structured themselves into seven Battle Companies, each with around 200 Astartes each, led by a Grand Master. Each Company acts independently and is self-sustaining as they patrol their assigned sectors of the outer void on their own. Due to long term isolation, these companies are forced to recruit potential Aspirants from a variety of sources to replace their losses. No Company recruits from the same world twice, instead rotating periods of recruitment between the Seven Companies every 7 Years.

Outside of the seven companies, the Chapter also possess an elite Terminator Company akin to the typical Deathwing formation, known as the 'Old Circle', and an unnamed organization similar to the Ravenwing formation, though with a focus on Void Warfare and Boarding Actions rather than Lightning Strikes. Each of these companies number around 100 Marines.

Chapter Combat Doctrine

The Chapter prefers an unusual style of Warfare, namely specialising in Void Combat and Boarding Actions. This is a result of their lack of a homeworld, and their expansive fleet, as well as the type of foes they usually have to face, normally races who live either in the void or in areas too hostile for anything short of the great vessels of their navy.

When they do have to fight a ground-based enemy, they favor excessive amounts of orbital bombardment, hoping to wipe out their foe wholesale, with the only ground troops deployed usually only there to shut down Orbital Shields. This style of war is a result of the lack of Humans in the areas they fight in, as they do not have to worry about damaging the Imperium when turning an entire planet into rubble.

When forced into a more traditional ground battle, the Chapter focuses on Close Combat, where their unique abilities have the most effect. Usually, they hunt down enemy leadership and Elite Units, in order to crush the fighting ability of the enemy, before smashing the enemy with incredible force.

Chapter Gene-Seed

As was the intent at the time of their Founding, the gene-seed of the Angels of Desolation remains stable and shows no signs of mutation or Chaotic contamination. Its purity is unquestioned, similar to that of their progenitor Chapter, the Dark Angels. The Angels of Desolation Chapter maintains an exceptionally reverential view towards its gene-seed, mainly as their gene-seed purity is their greatest defense against accusations of corruption.

The Angels, unable to traditionally recruit rely on serfs, who will never see their masters in the flesh to recognize good recruits and put them through the trails. The Trails usually consist of a series of tests, followed by a fight with a captured xeno armed with only a stone and their own body. Upon victory the recruit will be implanted with the Secondary Heart by a remote controlled machine, operated by an apothecary. After the Secondary Heart is implanted, the curse of the chapter sets in, and he may begin more traditional procedures, not having to worry about the mere presence of the Apothecary killing them.

Chapter Appearance

AD 4th Company Marine

A Angels of Desolation Battle-Brother of the 4thCompany


The Angels of Absolution do not approve of decorating their armour for they consider such baubles as sinful and prideful. The only decoration they are allowed are their Chapter's colors painted on their battle-plate. At times, they have also been observed to place Purity Seals on their chest guards, over the area above their hearts.

Chapter Colors

The Angels of Desolation primarily wear dark green power armour, near identical to the green coloured battle-plate worn by their genetic forebears. The Chapter also paints their vehicles in the same dark green colour as their battle-plate. The Aquila or Imperialis on the chest guard is bone white in colour. The insets of the shoulder pauldrons are also coloured bone white. The colour of the left shoulder pauldron trim denotes company number in accordance to the dictates of the Codex Astartes.

The colours of the Chapter's Companies are:

1st: White

2nd: Sky Blue

3rd: Navy Blue

4th: Light Red

5th: Dark Red

6th: Purple

7th: Black

Squad Specialist Markings

In addition, the right poleyn (knee guard) is coloured to denote an individual battle-brother's squad specialty role, rather than utilising the usual Codex-approved squad specialty symbol on the right shoulder pauldron. The colours of the squad specialty markings are as follows:

Deathwing or Ravenwing: White

Veteran: Black

Tactical: Green

Devastator: Blue

Assault: Red

Chapter Badge

The Angels of Desolation's Chapter badge is a large red coloured heart with a pair of angelic wings, enclosing the heart in a protective manner, centered on a field of white. This symbol represents the Chapter's noble spirit and it's cognomen, the 'Noble Hearts'.


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By the Angels of Desolation

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About the Angels of Desolation

"Strong of body but weak of mind. Their ability to only follow without question everything our progenitors command is abhorrent and contemptible."
—Consul-Master Orian Sevetikan of the Elite 1st Company of the Ebon Knights