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August 5

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Ordinators Tact Marine


The Ordinators are a 23rd 'Sentinel' Founding, semi-Codex compliant Space Marine Chapter thought to have been founded by directive of the Ordo Malleus to build on the successful practice of Daemonic Possession Therapy pioneered by the Exorcists Chapter to create a specialized anti-Chaos Astartes chapter in a besieged corner of the Imperium. The Ordinators were first mentioned in Administratum records as one of very few Space Marine Chapters...

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July 16

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Pentient-knight (base) (1)

Penitent Knights

The Penitent Knights are an ancient and fabled Codex-Divergent Chapter with an unknown origination from the 3rd Founding during the early years of the 32nd Millennium bearing a near chivalric culture and attitude. The most obvious difference from most other Astartes Chapters is that the Penitent Knights fiercely and zealously believe in defending the citizens of the Imperium, which is backed with a learned ferocity and determination. This noble and unwavering stance has many times earned them the ire of other, more cold-hearted Imperial forces. Often have the honorable...

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June 21

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Novus Krakens Tactical Marine1

Novus Krakens

The Novus Krakens are a Codex-divergent Chapter of Loyalist Space Marines with an unknown progenitor and founding. Records that were once in the Librarium of the Chapter's Fortress-Monastery on Mobidium contained a wealth of information about the Chapter, it's wars, and its origins; but was lost along with the devastation of their homeworld following a grand schism that divided the chapter, resulting in the destruction of their Fortress-Monastery, and such knowledge has been permanently lost.

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June 1

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SoI Astartes

Sons of Iron

The Sons of Iron Chapter is a 26th Founding Successor Chapter of the Iron Hands. Hailing from the perilous world of Suami, the Sons have begun to gain a reputation, among the kin of Ferrus Manus, as an effective Chapter, whose sole and yet infamous stain is their beliefs tantamount to heresy in the eyes of the Iron Hands and many of their successors, while the Imperium at large consider them as a cold and unforgiving gathering of devoted Space Marines, exemplifying the better traits from their Progenitor without the strained relationships which are often the lot of Ferrus Manus lineage. Like all those who bear the Seed of Manus...

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May 1

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Ashen Drakes Astartes

Ashen Drakes

The Ashen Drakes , were a part of the 21st "Cursed" Founding. They proclaim to be scions of Vulkan and thrive to be worthy of his heritage. While they hailed from a Founding plagued by genetic deviancy and ill-luck, the Ashen Drakes had exhibited neither of those traits, until the formation of the Great Rift; when they were destroyed after a century long siege of their homeworld. However, their reputation remained that of a Cursed Chapter, which had make them more isolationists than other (alleged) Sons of Vulkan, for other Astartes shunned them and the Inquisition is ever vigilant.

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April 5

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Imp Ravagers Tact Marine Bolter 2

Imperius Ravagers

The Imperius Ravagers, known also as the 'Headsmen of Charopós', are a 4th Founding Successor Chapter of the honourable Ultramarines, created in the wake of the dark times following the disastrous War of the Beast against the largest Ork WAAAGH! seen by the Imperium of Man since the time of the Great Crusade. Though the Imperium ultimately emerged victorious it was a pyrrhic victory at best, as they had sacrificed much, including severe losses amongst the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes.

After several decades, they had raised enough gene-seed...

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