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The Forsaken Hammers are a group of renegade Space Marines from the Hammer Guard and Solar Wardens Chapters. Originally just a company of Hammer Guard were lost in the warp during their penitent crusade, but their warband continued to grow, and now, they seek revenge on those who have forgotten them and do not see the power of the Great Stars, the Gods of Chaos.


After the Hammer Guard’s 2nd Company was lost in the warp during the Chapter’s penitent crusade, they searched and searched, trying to find their lost brethren. Instead they would come upon a Sorcerer, who revealed to them their Chapter had left them behind, telling the 2nd Company that they were 'forsaken Hammers'. He told them they could have their revenge, if they worshiped not the 'Corpse-Emperor', but the most powerful "Stars" as he called them, having seen in a vision the Chapter’s tenet beliefs in the stars. Subtly corrupted by the Sorcerer's false words, they Space Marines' quickly agreed, and soon began fanatically worshiping the Dark Gods of the warp, slipping further and further into madness. After nearly a millennium of worship and war as the lost company continued to raid and grow, they would be reunited with their brothers once again, as their raids lead them to encounter the new incarnation of the 2nd Company of the Hammer Guard, who soon joined them in secret. Later on, following a meeting the Boar Company of their Successor Chapter, the Solar Wardens, they too fell to corrupting influence of the dark powers of Chaos due to their beliefs.

The Corruption Exposed

Plotting with their newly corrupt brothers, the Forsaken Hammers hatched a plan to bring ruin to both the Solar Wardens and the Hammer Guard, as well as declare their heretical beliefs and join the Eternal War. Soon, as the Hammer Guard organized above Gabarlos, the 2nd Company and their escorts opened fire on the rest of the Hammer Guard, and sent out a signal to their brothers. Within the hour, the Forsaken Hammers fought alongside the corrupt 2nd Company, dealing a physical and mental blow to their brothers before retreating, joined by the Boar Company as they fled to the Maelstrom. Along the way, they raided world after world, sowing death and the seeds of corruption as they ransacked homes and villages.

The Slaughter of Sub-Sector Solaritus

For 16 years the Forsaken watched and waited, growing with number by launching strikes on worlds left unguarded, taking with them slaves, cultists, and any resources available. Then, near the end of 999.M41, the Great Rift opened, and the Forsaken saw their chance. Returning to the worlds they had raided 16 years before, the Forsaken Hammers found corruption running through the very hearts of the planets, and gathered swathes of cultists and slaves. They then raided worlds surrounding Sub-Sector Solaritus, the recruiting worlds of their former brothers, knowing they would be expecting them after the Forsaken attacked the 2nd Company only a year before the rift opened.

With whole regiments of fanatical cultists and a large amount of supplies, the Forsaken Hammers prepared to finish off the loyalist dogs they once called brothers. Just before they could, however, they encountered the Leviathans Eclipse, fellow heretics looking to destroy their loyalist brethren. Coming to an agreement, the two warbands began to besiege the Sub-Sector, eager to destroy the loyalist scum they once had the displeasure of calling brothers.

For 37 long years they launched attack after attack at the defenses of Sub-Sector Solaritus, each system facing the wrath of the Forsaken on their own. The Forsaken would strike a massive blow, killing multiple Legates and cutting down the numbers of the Hammer Guard significantly, not to mention the populations of their recruiting worlds. They would not see the death of the Hammer Guard, however, as they soon sensed the coming of the great Indomitus Crusade, and knew they would perish if they continued. Satisfied with the blow, but also having suffered several of their own, the Forsaken would retreat back to multiple worlds near the Maelstrom, rebuilding their lost ranks and resupplying, now under the leadership of Lord Karrova, summoner of Kale'malum.

The Wrath of the Hammers

On the corrupted world of Gallileus, the Forsaken Hammers met another warband from the Maelstrom, one wreathed in hate and the essence of Chaos. Calling themselves the Dusk Born, this warband knew who the Forsaken Hammers were, and explained that they were not just another follower of the Ruinous Powers, but were the Forsaken hammers own progenitors, and took pride in those of their gene-line who had seen the truth of Chaos. They wished to join the Forsaken, informing them that they knew the Hammer Guard would soon come, and the Forsaken agreed. As they fortified the planet, turning every city into a deathtrap, every street becoming it's own form of Hell, they were discovered by a force coming from the Brazen Dragons. Despite fighting them off, the Dragons escaped, and the Forsaken knew the Dusk Born had been correct.

A month later the full force of the Hammer Guard arrived, and launched their troops to destroy the Forsaken once and for all. What they found when they landed was the very definition of nightmare, the planet turned into a hellhole filled with the vile and repulsive signs of Chaos, streets covered in eye-watering signs and squares turned into sacrificial pits, the taint of Chaos evident everywhere. In this hell the Hammer Guard engaged their traitor kin, unable to break the defenses of their main compound. The Forsaken, along with the Dusk Born, cut down the Hammer Guard numbers in front of them, laughing at the slaughter.

Then, with elements of the 3rd, 7th, 1st, and 2nd Companies, Dominum Custodem Stormfury himself led a strike against the compound, striking the single spot where the lines of defenders thinned. Breaking through, Hammer Guard flooded into the base while slamming against the outer walls, pinning the Forsaken Hammers between two tides of orange and black. Within the the heart of the corrupted and maddening Forsaken's Compound, Dominum Custodem Stormfury and his Legates engaged Lord Karrova in fierce combat. This climactic battle would see to the beginning of the end of the fight, as Stormfury, mortally wounded and dying, threw the head of his Thunder Hammer, which had been broken off by Karrova's blade, into the wounded Karrova to stun him, and then used the last of his energy to drive the broken end of his handle into Karrova's chest.

With their leader dead and many of them dying, the Forsaken Hammers and their Dusk Born allies began to flee the battle. Many of them died during the retreat, with only around a hundred of the Forsaken Hammers returning to Diabulosa with their cultist mobs.

Progenitor and Successor Reunited

The Forsaken, now under the leadership of Arabhor the Reborn, met with their progenitors the Dusk Born on Diabulosa. Both devoted to the goal of spreading Chaos throughout the Imperium, the two warbands sought to rectify the dangerously low numbers of the Forsaken. The two Chaos Lords of the warbands agreed to combine their forces, to ensure neither warband would go completely extinct. Not all of the Dusk Born agreed with this plan, however. Seeing the Forsaken as weaklings and those who wished to take them in as fools, Aspiring Champion Kiraxus Warscourge gathered nearly a third of the Dusk Born and launched an attack on the palace of the Lord of the Forsaken, seeking to destroy the last of the Forsaken and take the title of Lord of the Dusk Born as his own. Seeing this as treachery, Lord Estoden the Unrelenting gathered those still loyal and met the traitors in battle.

During the fight Estoden was killed, and, seeing his chance, Arabhor took command of both the loyal elements of the Dusk Born and the Forsaken Hammers, and sent his foe fleeing. Now, instead of joining the Dusk Born, Arabhor ensured the Dusk Born would join the Forsaken, taking on their livery and heraldry, and demanding unopposed loyalty to him. With a surge in strength, the Forsaken Hammers prepare their next move in the Eternal War

Notable Campaigns

  • The Second Battle of Gabarlos (983.M41) - As their brothers in secret revealed themselves, the Forsaken Hammers were summoned by their brothers to aide them in the fight against the Hammer Guard, who had refused to be corrupted, saved by 'That Damned Cybus'. They fought with unbridled fury at the sight of their former Chapter, their hatred beyond comprehension. Eventually the Forsaken Hammers were forced to retreat back to the Warp, but not before making sure they were forgotten no more.
  • War for Sub-Sector Solaritus (999.M41 -- 036.M42) - As the Dark Imperium was cut off from the light of the Emperor by the Great Rift, the Forsaken raided multiple worlds around the Sub-Sector that the Hammer Guard called home. With a massive horde of cultists, the Forsaken Hammers launched a 37-year-long siege upon the Sub-Sector, which cost the lives of many Hammer Guard, but, in the end, left the Forsaken weak and undermanned, losing nearly half their warband, along with their Chaos Lord.
  • War for Gallileus (097.M42) - After their position was revealed by the Brazen Dragons, the Forsaken and their allies the Dusk Born defended their hold on the world of Gallileus, where they had regrouped to recruit before going back to Diabulosa, from their kin in the Hammer Guard. Despite slaughtering a large swathe of their loyalist brothers, the Forsaken Hammers were defeated and massacred, with Lord Karrova falling to Dominum Custodem Stormfury, taking his life in turn. Only around a hundred Forsaken returned to Diabulosa, each one filled with hate and devoted to destroying their brothers.

Notable Forsaken Hammers

  • Chaos Lord Kalgor the Devourer - Kalgor was originally the Starpriest of the former 2nd Company that was lost in the Warp, and took command soon after they were separated, after the former Legate died due to mysterious causes. He was killed by the late Dominum Custodem Stormfury as they fought on the bridge of the Shield of Hate.
  • Chaos Sorcerer Anukos Redscream - Anukos Redscream, as he was called, was the former Sunwraith of the lost company. He found a calling in the worship of Slaanesh, He had a love for torture and pain, using his powers to torture others for days on end until their hearts couldn't take it anymore. He was sacrificed by Decarde Karrova, using his allegiance to Slaanesh as a way to earn the favor of Khorne, summoning the vile Bloodthirster Kale'malum.
  • Chaos Lord Karrova - Formerly the legate of the Hammer Guard 2nd company, Decarde Karrova was critically injured in the second battle of Gabarlos, when his arm was blown apart by Azrael Cybus's Thunder Hammer. Since then, he had fallen to the rank of Aspiring Champion, something he resented, while his arm had been replaced with a bionic arm. On the field of battle he wielded a warp-tainted power axe and combat knife, unleashing his hatred for Azrael and his former brothers upon the enemy. He rose to the rank of Chaos Lord following the death of Kalgor the Devourer, but was slain on Gallileus by Dominum Custodem, the two taking each other's life.
  • Chaos Lord Arabhor the Reborn - Following the death of Lord Karrova, the warband fell into anarchy, each surviving leader arguing over who should become the Lord of the Forsaken. The dispute was ended when the young aspiring champion Arabhor Bloodfanged slaughtered the other leaders and baptized himself in their blood, rising out of the pool and claiming the title of Chaos Lord for himself, along with the new name of Arabhor the Reborn.



The Forsaken Hammers hate many, but they reserve a special hatred for three groups. The Hammer Guard, and Solar Wardens, their former brothers, are the targets of a special, refined hatred from the Forsaken, despising them more than any other loyalist dog. The final group is the Dusk Born under the command of Kiraxus Warpscourge, whose betrayal has made them an enemy of the Forsaken Hammers, one they fight with at every opportunity.


The Forsaken have no real allies, only those they have managed to fight alongside without turning on. This extremely small group would be the Leviathans Eclipse, who fought alongside them in Sub-Sector Solaritus, and a corrupted regiment known as the Castron Lost, whose trained guardsmen are often taken and used as fodder by the Forsaken Hammers.

Cult and Culture

The Forsaken Hammers have a daily routine of sacrifices and worship to their individual gods in order to gain their favor. They are fanatical, believing the Dark Gods are the Greatest of the Stars, stronger than Sol and the Corpse-Emperor. They do everything to earn the Gods' favours, in order to achieve Daemonhood and spend eternity as a Prince of Chaos.

Favoured Tactics

After joining with the Dusk Born elements who were loyal to Estroden, the Forsaken Hammers have begun to use terror as a tactic more and more, utilizing it to great effect when they lay siege to a bastion or city, destroying morale and crushing the weak-willed defenders.


The Forsaken take their recruits from worlds they raid around the Malestrom, taking them back to Diabuloso to turn them into Heretic Astartes. These recruits are often taken unwillingly and forced to watch their family massacred before they are sent to Diabuloso, or taken as offerings by cults that rise up during their raids.


Being fanatic worshipers of the Dark Gods, the Forsaken Hammers have acquired “Gifts” from the Dark Gods. First, they were blessed with the voice of Daemons, talking in deep, growling voices that sound as if the warp is speaking through them. Alongside that, the Forsaken Hammers’s armor have been touched by the warp and have sealed, trapping their wearers inside. Now with the Dusk Born, some Forsaken Hammers have developed wings and claws like their Dusk Born brothers, those who are helmet less when their armor sealed displaying pointed ears and blood red eyes, looking like Fallen Angels from some lost, ancient religion.

Organization and Equipment

With the fluctuation of numbers and the addition of the Dusk Born into their ranks, the Forsaken Hammers have been organized in a similar manner to the old ways of the Dusk Born, organizing raiding parties of varying sizes, each led by one of Arabhor's Lieutenants, all of which have pledged loyalty unto death to their violent Lord. These raid parties vary in tactics, with the elder, more powerful Lieutenants, all of which are Forsaken, preferring to amass large groups of cultists and besiege their foes until they break, morally or physically. Others, those of the Dusk Born who sided with Arabhor from the beginning and were rewarded command posts, lead their smaller raiding parties in strikes that spread terror through their foe, sowing the seeds of Chaos and death throughout their ranks.

Of equipment, the corrupt and warp-touched armories of their palace on Diabuloso are filled with numerous differing kinds of weapons, from possessed wargear to twisted machines of war, each spreading the taint of chaos with every shot or swing. They maintain high numbers of stolen melee and heavy weapons, raiding parties often taking one more than the other.


The Warband has gathered a small group of vessels to carry them through the warp, either by trickery or through boarding it. their most notable vessels are the strike cruisers Hammer of Contempt, Shield of Hate, and Wrath of the Stars, which previously belonged to their former brothers, the Hammer Guard.


The Forsaken Hammers have come to claim the daemon world of Diaboluso as their home, walking among the vile Daemons of the warp as if they were daemons themselves. Lying within the Maelstrom, the Daemon World's very soil is tainted by Chaos, and the longer the Forsaken Hammers stand on the corrupted earth, the more they are mutated and "gifted" by their dark gods.