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The Gut Munchas Klan is a notorious Ork klan that has plagued several Imperial sectors for several centuries. This Ork Klan has come into conflict with the stoic Iron Blood Chapter several times, becoming one of their regular enemies.


There is little worth mentioning about the Gut Munchaz Klan, they were once a small clan outside of the Tabias Sector, before their leader rose to prominence by conquering other nearby Ork Klans with their greater savagery and aggression.

They then proceeded on a Waagh into the Tabias Sector and into the path of the Iron Blood Chapter and the two have been practically arch enemies ever since.

The Klan seems to keep coming back due to finding the Iron Blood chapter as their favorite enemies to fight.


Ded Strangla, is a particularly large and aggressive Ork, armed with a power claw, and a cyborg eye, he wears cybernetic augments

Strangla prefers fighting his enemies face to face and despite being armed with a double autogun on his arm, dislikes using it unless his enemy fires first. Strangla is an Ork that has been reported killed several times, in explosions, but instead simply comes back with more cybernetics attached to him, and more armor.


Besides the Squig herders, the Klan is mainly staffed by Choppa Boyz, some Shootas, and the occasional Pain and Weird Boyz. They typically ride squigs into battle.