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The Current Chapter Master of the Iron Blood Chapter


Early Life

A student of the legendary Karaz, he was a young Astartes when his Iron Father fell, and his Chapter nearly crushed. Since then he followed his chapter master, quickly rising up the ranks, and took over when his teacher fell for the final time and the previous Chapter Master was also defeated.

Since then Corbas has lead his brothers against all foes of the Imperium that challenged them and their sector, to the best of his ability eventually earning him the unconditional respect of his peers.



To the outside, Corbas is a mountain of personal strength who never second guesses his choices, yet within the chapter master, there is doubt, especially at his more...controversial choices which would affect the future of his chapter.

He does, however, hold great pride and in the face of a mistake, he may acknowledge it, but he is quick to move on. He is cautious like a stalking predator, but quick to strike when he sees an opportunity, though he fears perhaps too quick to strike. For this reason does he keep confidants and tactical advisers.

As Chapter Master, he is somewhat secretive about the inner workings of his Chapter, yet has afforded


Born with a natural light brown skin tone, the right side of his face however, was burnt and left pale, with a bionic eye replacing his lost eyeball. His white hair, is neatly cut and he sports a trimmed goatee, while four service studs are in the right side of his head. He is also missing his right arm and and leg, which have been replaced by bionics.

Abilities and Traits



  • Terminator Armor: As Chapter Master Corbas wears terminator armor in the colors of his office.
  • Shadow Master's Pelt: The skull and pelt of a sabertooth beast from the jungles of Uvias, worn in tandem with an Iron Halo on his armor.
  • Thunder Claws: The left arm of his armor sports thunder claws
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Friends and Allies