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This article is comprised of a complete list of all the fanon Space Marine Chapters created by our contributors here on the WH40K Homebrew Wiki. Along with a brief synopsis of each chapter, this list also serves as a visual reference. Included in this list are Expanded Universe Chapters as well as those Space Marine Chapters that have been declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the High Lords of Terra, regardless if they serve the Dark Gods or not. This list does not include Space Marine Chapters that fall into the humour category. This is an ongoing project, and as such, additional Chapters will be added or removed accordingly. For those Chapters that are missing from the list, please feel free to edit this article and add it, or if the Chapter article has been deleted, feel free to remove it.


Adamant Wardens
Adamant Wardens Tactical Marine 2
The Adamant Wardens are a non-Codex compliant Space Marine Chapter in the 41st Millenium. They were created as a part of the 22nd Founding of Adeptus Astartes from uncertain lineage. The Adamant Warriors are siege masters, specialising in the breaking of sieges and assaults on static fortifications. Though a loyal Chapter, they have a reputation as being quite dour and secretive, much to the dismay of other Imperial organisations such as the Inquisition.
Angels of Calth
AoC Tactical Marine
The Angels of Calth are a successor Chapter of the Ultramarines established in the immediate aftermath of the Horus Heresy. The original founders were composed primarily of natives from Calth who lost friends and family during the Betrayal at Calth. As such, they have adopted a particular grudge against the Word Bearers and World Eaters, and believe these groups must be opposed at all costs and by any means necessary. Exterminating entire worlds, utilizing daemons, leaving other Chapters to die--nothing is beyond what they are willing to do in their pursuit of vengeance. This vendetta was later extended to the Emperor's Children in response to Roboute Guilliman's mortal wounding by Fulgrim (although Guilliman's recent return has caused them to suffer something of an existential crisis,) and to a lesser extent now applies to all the forces of Chaos in general.
Angels of Damnation
Angels of Damnation Astartes
The Angels of Damnation are an ancient Chapter believed to hearken back to the Second Founding, whose origins has been lost to time and bureaucracy. Even the Chapter themselves can't remember the origins of their gene-seed. But the Angels of Damnation are more well known for their violent behaviour and traditions, giving them a reputation as psychopaths and careless killers. This bellicose Chapter has vowed to always, and until the end of the Imperium, to crusade against the Forces of Chaos, hunting down the heretic and burning out the corruption without care for the innocent lives in their way or the material damages. (Note:This Chapter falls under the Expanded Universe category.)
Angels of Desolation
AD 4th Company Marine
The Angels of Desolation (known internally as the 'Noble Hearts') are an 8th Founding Successor Chapter that hails from the venerable Dark Angels. Of all the Sons of the Lion, the Angels of Desolation are among the most frightening. Stricken by a curse of daemonic origin, the Chapter has been forced from the Imperium, to forever patrol the outlying borders of that Great Empire, and to stay ever-vigilant against unknown threats from the outer dark.
(Excommunicate Traitoris)
Ashen Drakes
Ashen Drakes Astartes
The Ashen Drakes were a part of the 21st "Cursed" Founding. They proclaim to be scions of Vulkan and thrive to be worthy of his heritage. While they hailed from a Founding plagued by genetic deviancy and ill-luck, the Ashen Drakes had exhibited neither of those traits, until the formation of the Great Rift; when they were destroyed after a century long siege of their homeworld. However, their reputation remained that of a Cursed Chapter, which had make them more isolationists than other (alleged) Sons of Vulkan, for other Astartes shunned them and the Inquisition is ever vigilant. They were still one of the most humane Chapter in existence, living among their people and helping all they can, but they knen that only the most desperate of Imperial Commander would call for their help.
Ashen Knights
Ashen Knight template
The Ashen Knights are a Loyalist Codex-divergent Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes created during the Third Founding from the venerable Salamanders. Currently, they are a fleet-based chapter, and operate on the borders of Imperium-held space. Their primary specialties are in advanced search and recovery of artefacts, persons, and entities on Exterminatus-class Death Worlds.
Astral Consuls
Pict Unavailable

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The Astral Consuls were a formerly Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during the 20th Founding in late M35, from unknown lineage, as classified by the order of the Inquisition. Once noted for their fierce and meticulous fighting skills on the battlefield, this Chapter eventually fell into a tragic downfall of ill-fate, which led to the destruction of their beloved homeworld of Costov. Eventually they were declared renegades by the High Lords of Terra, and took to worshipping the Chaos God Slaanesh. Embracing the worship of the Pleasure God, they became the now infamous Chaos Warband known as the Forsworn, and now stalk Imperial space lanes, plundering and murdering as they see fit.
(Excommunicate Traitoris)
Astral Leviathans
Astral Leviathan Astartes
The Astral Leviathans is a loyalist Space Marine Chapter of the mysterious 13th Founding, the so-called 'Dark Founding', from an unknown parent chapter. The Astral Leviathans have seen extensive combat in the outer fringes of the Imperium combating Renegade planetary governors and militias, their majority of their campaigns being waged against humanity itself, this comes into the chapters very close ties with the Ordo Hereticus and the Ecclesiarch. Rituals and the imperial creed is a large part of the chapters life, they are some of the most zealous and fanatic of the Astartes, their armor and vehicles are heavily adorned with purity seals, scriptures, and litanies of battle.
Astral Serpents
Astral Serpents Astartes
The Astral Serpents are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter based in northern Ultima Segmentum at the edge of the galaxy. Being so isolated, they have very little contact with other imperial forces other than those which are in the Azeran Sector. Rarely has this Chapter been recorded in official Imperial records, and when they are the records are incredibly vague, and when young Inquisitors wanting advance in their position notice this, they head off to Viperae. Of course these Inquisitors find nothing and go back to Terra or to their masters after growing frustrated after listening to the chaplains and seers of the Serpents telling long drawn-out stories of their chapter's supposed ancient history.


Battencian Heralds
Battencian Heralds Astartes new model
The Battencian Heralds are a Loyalist 24th Founding Successor Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes whom are descended from the proud lineage of the First Founding Blood Angels Chapter. Despite their heritage as being Scions of Sanguinius, one would assume this Chapter has a preference for shock assault and close-quarters tactics. But surprisingly, this is actually the Chapter's secondary focus, as they prefer to make use of mass-theatre fire and manouvre tactics. Despite their differences with their fellow Chapters of the Blood, the Battencian Heralds are a noble and proud Chapter, who have often stood firm in the face of overwhelming odds, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause of the greater good, even at the cost of their own lives.
Bears of the Claw
BoC Astartes
The Bears of the Claw are a strange, but Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of the 20th Founding, created from unknown lineage. Unlike other Chapters, the Bears of the Claw do not possess the usual number of 1,000 battle-brothers, instead numbering around 700. Despite their smaller size, the Chapter's ferocity and stubbornness in the face of overwhelming odds, more than makes up for their lack of numbers. The Bears of the Claw are mostly known for their spirit, respect and determination, but are also known for being very devastating in combat.
Black Devourers
Black Devourers Pre-Heresy
The Black Devouers are a former Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during an Unknown Founding. Extant evidence points to this Chapter hailing from the proud lineage of the noble Rogal Dorn. Within only a few centuries, the chapter was discovered using Chaos-tainted artifacts by the Inquisition. The end result was the Chapter was declared 'Renegade', their homeworld destroyed and they were forced to flee, falling further into Chaos. Finding refuge within the hellish realm of the Eye of Terror, the Black Devourers became fully corrupted by the insidious touch of the Ruinous Powers, becoming a full-fledged Chaos Warband. To the shame of all Scions of Dorn, the fallen Black Devourers are descended from their lineage. They are one of the arch-foes of the Iron Blood Chapter, a feeling which is mutual. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Black Knights
Black Knights Astartes
The Black Knights are a 9th Founding, fleet-based crusading Successor Chapter of the Dark Angels. They follow in the footsteps of the Lion and their Progenitors, and will not rest until every single Fallen Angel has been hunted down and brought back to the Rock, to be interrogated and granted extreme unction by the Interrogator-Chaplains of the Dark Angels. As a crusading Chapter, their doctrines, traditions, and organisation reflect their particular approach to prosecuting the Imperium's wars.
Blades of Dorn
Blades Dorn Mark IV
The Blades of Dorn are a proud Chapter descended from Imperial Fists lineage, created as a part of the 12th Founding during the tumultuous centuries of the Nova Terra Interregnum in M35. Since their inception this Chapter has earned the respect of their forebears through their courage, battle-prowess, and centuries of service in the Emperor's name. However, there once was a time that the Blades' loyalty was called into question, for it is to the Chapter's eternal shame that they are successors of the formerly loyalist Crusaders of Dorn, who were corrupted after entering the Eye of Terror in 321.M37, as part of the Imperial Abyssal Crusade, and reemerged centuries later in 112.M38, as the Chaos Warband known as the Brotherhood of Lethe.
Blades of Morkai
Blades Morkai Primaris
The Blades of Morkai are a successor Chapter of the Space Wolves. They serve as the chamber militant for the Ordo Mercador, a minor Ordo of the Inquisition charged with being one of the few forms of oversight into the actions of Rogue Traders. Due to the demands of their charge, they are a fleet-based Chapter that specializes in void combat. The relatively small size of the Ordo Mercador and the vast amount of space their jurisdiction covers leaves the Ordo perpetually overextended, so Chapter Masters of the Blades of Morkai are also considered Ordo Mercador Inquisitors themselves in an effort to alleviate this.
Blood Bearers
Blood Bearers Tact Marine
The Blood Bearers are a loyalist Space Marine Successor Chapter of the bloodline of Sanguinius, created during the dawning of M32 during the 3rd Founding. An extremely reclusive chapter, the Blood Bearers are stoutly bound to the Blood Angels, united by the blood of their Primarch Sanguinius that flows through their veins and ancient traditions that outsiders find difficult to understand. Their loyalty to the memory of their Primarch transcends all other duties and concerns. Being born from the Blood Angels' gene-seed, the Blood Bearers also carry the Flaw inherent in their gene-stock. The Blood Bearers do not deny their blood-lust, and in turn have learned to embrace it, making it a central part of their rituals. The Chapter thereby seems to have achieved an unparalleled level of restraint over their Flaw.
Blood Jaws
Blood Jaws Pre-Heresy Astartes 2
The Blood Jaws are a formerly Loyalist Chapter of Space Marines created during an Unknown Founding, and from uncertain lineage, in 013.M37. This bellicose and ferocious Chapter was created in order to stand as a bulwark against constant attacks in and around the Eye of Terror, from both the Forces of Chaos and various xenos threats. Unfortunately, within the first century of their creation the Chapter fell from the light of the Emperor, for unknown to them, their first Chapter Master had been corrupted by a Greater Daemon of Khorne. Following their ill-fated sojourn into the Eye of Terror, the Blood Jaws were slowly corrupted by the insidious touch of the Blood God. When they finally emerged, they had been transformed into a large Chaos Warband, wholly dedicated to slaughter and murder. Now they commit the most obscene levels of carnage wherever they go, in tribute to their brutal and bloody deity.
(Ecommunicate Traitoris)
Blood Scorpions
Blood Scorpions Astartes 1
The Blood Scorpions are a loyalist Space Marine Successor Chapter of the bloodline of Sanguinius, created during the 6th Founding, which occurred sometime during the latter years of M33. Extant evidence suggests that the Blood Scorpions were one of several Chapter founded in the wake notable event known as 'The Year of Ghosts'. Throughout their existence, the Blood Scorpions have garnered a brutal reputation for being savage and unrelenting fighters. This Chapter is also notoriously intolerant of all xenos, believing them to be a blight upon the galaxy. They adamantly believe that it is Mankind's manifest destiny to vanquish all the vile and wicked alien races, and to take their place as the rightful inheritors of the galaxy.
Blood Vultures
Blood Vultures Astartes 3
The Blood Vultures are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of the bloodline of Sanguinius, supposedly created during the mysterious 13th Founding, the so-called 'Dark Founding', which occurred sometime between M35 and M36. The Blood Vultures have garnered a dark reputation for being savage and unrelenting fighters. It is even believed by some that this powerful and robust Chapter is as mighty as their Progenitors. Although the Blood Vultures are unswervingly loyal to both the Emperor and the Imperium, their brutal deeds and sheer savagery and merciless ways when conducting their campaigns, have writ a bloody-handed and fell reputation across the annals of Imperial history. This has often caused them to be untrusted by various Imperial organisation as well as other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes.
Brazen Dragons
Brazen Dragons Tact Marine
The Brazen Dragons are a suspected Successor Chapter of the venerable Salamanders, created during the 17th Founding sometime during the latter years of M35. Since that bygone era, this Chapter has gone on to prove themselves as worthy servants of the Emperor. The walls of their fortress-monastery are lined with the lists of honours and campaigns they have served in. The warriors of the Brazen Dragons hold themselves to a high standard, seeing themselves as protectors of the Emperor’s people. This sense of duty cost them dearly during the trying times of the Great Rift and formation of the Dark Imperium, and now most of the chapter is made up of the new Primaris Space Marines.
Brazen Lions
Lion II Space Marine With Bolter
The Brazen Lions are a Loyalist Codex-divergent Space Marine Chapter created sometime between late-M35 and early-M36 during the mysterious 13th 'Dark' Founding from unknown genetic lineage. Since their inception, this Chapter has earned the respect of their fellow Adeptus Astartes and the Imperium at large, through their acts of courage, valour, battle-prowess and centuries of loyal service in the Emperor's name. However, there once was a time not long ago that the Lions' loyalty was called into question, for it is to the Chapter's eternal shame that they are successors of the formerly loyalist Astral Claws - a Chapter's whose name that is vilified within the Imperium, and is synonymous with infamy and treachery.
Bright Wardens
Celestial Knights Astartes
The Bright Wardens are a Dark Angels Successor Chapter based within the Ultima Segmentum close to the infamous warp anomaly known as the Maelstorm. Created during the 13th Founding, the so-called 'Dark Founding' sometime during M35, this chapter has continued the martial tradition of honour and chivalry as well as displaying a strong desire to slay the forces of the immaterium - both Traitor Astartes and Daemons alike. The Chapter is known to possess ancient Chivalry Pattern Bikes more than any other chapters.


Castigators Tact Mk VII
The Castigators are a rare Successor Chapter of the Black Consuls Chapter. Created during the 14th Founding sometime between 975-991.M31, the Castigators have earned a reputation as staunch and stalwart guardians of the Imperium in the millennia since their inception. The Castigators are a zealous and unforgiving Chapter who have garnered a reputation for their fervent desire to purge the enemies of the Emperor for their transgressions.
Corpse Kings
Corpse Kings Astarte
The Corpse Kings are a notorious Renegade Space Marine Chapter that were originally known as the Star Hunters, a Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines that was created during the mysterious 13th 'Dark' Founding. Due to the destruction they brought upon both friend and foe alike in their obsessive search to recover forbidden artefacts of Chaotic origin, the newly renamed Corpse Kings were eventually declared Renegade and were excommunicated by the High Lords of Terra on the advice of the Inquisition. Despite their outcast status, the Corpse Kings still consider themselves loyal to the God-Emperor, if not to His Imperium.
(Excommunicate Traitoris)
Corpse Wolves
Corpse Wolf Primaris-0
The Corpse Wolves are an Ultima Founding Successor Chapter created from the proud lineage of the feral Space Wolves. The Corpse Wolves were one of several new Successor Chapters comprised entirely of Primaris Marines, created to help defend the Imperium of Man from the various enemies of Mankind, that currently assailed the Emperor's realm on all sides. They helped turn the tide in the notable Imperial campaign which came to be known as 'The War for Polaris's Star'. Located at the tip of the border between the newly designated Imperium Nihilus, or the 'Dark Imperium', which had gone dark without the beacon of the Astromican, and the light Imperium.
Crimson Prowlers
Crimson Prowlers Primaris
The Crimson Prowlers are Successor Chapter that hails from the lineage of the mighty and powerful Space Wolves, created during the recent Ultima Founding in 999.M41. They were created as one of the first of many Successors, a whole line of descendant Fenrisian Chapters - the 'Sons of Russ' - capable of carving out a star empire the size of Ultramar. This was the vision: to be powerful enough to encircle the Eye of Terror completely, to prevent the Traitor Legions from daring to leave it ever again. The Crimson Prowlers, along with several other Primaris Successor Chapters, were created to help protect the Imperial sectors surrounding the Eye, and supporting Imperial worlds and the Inquisition as needed.
Crimson Raptors
CR Tactical Marine
The Crimson Raptors are a 4th Founding Successor Chapter of the famous Blood Angels. Like all sons of Sanguinius, the chapter suffers from the Black Rage and Red Thirst. Their history is marred by brutality and bloodshed, amplified by their twin curses. Now, the actively seek to redeem themselves and forget the sins of their past, hoping that with the new primaris they may establish themselves as an honorable scion of the Angel and no longer act as lonesome hermits.
Crimson Sentinels
Crimson Sentinel Assault Marine
The Crimson Sentinels are an ancient and laudible Successor Chapter created during the 2nd Founding shortly after the events of the Horus Heresy from the lineage of the noble Blood Angels. Like all Successor Chapters created from gene-stock of the angelic Primarch Sanguinius, the Crimson Sentinels are also greatly affected by the affects of the twin genetic-curses of the Blood Angels' inherited Flaw. Although, unlike most of their fellow Chapters of the Host, they are more affected by the vampiric craving for blood, known as the Red Thirst, than they are by the ravages of the Black Rage. The Crimson Sentinels are known to suffer from this second flaw at a much reduced rate compared to the Blood Angels or their other Successor Chapters. The reason for this is unknown, however, many of their detractors whisper that perhaps the Chapter has bought this boon through malefic means.


Dawn's Wolves
Dawn's Wolves Alpha
The Dawn's Wolves are a rare successors of the Space Wolves Chapter, an oddity made possible by the creation of the Primaris Astartes. They have been created extremely recently, coming together as a Chapter only after the end of the Indomitus Crusade, from the ranks of the Unnumbered Sons. Since that time, the errant Chapter has made is best to defend the borders of the Imperium and bring the wrath of Leman Russ upon the enemies of Mankind. This origin explains why they are far less independent and more prone to cooperation with other Space Marines. The Dawn's Wolves make up a part of an unofficial collective comprised of a quadrumvirate of Space Wolves Successors known as the 'Sons of Russ'.
Death Templars
Death Temp Reapers Bro
The Death Templars are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of the Third Founding that occurred in 021.M31, following the brutal and bloody years of the Great Scouring. An ancient and proud Chapter, the Death Templars are scions of the proud line of Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists Chapter. Aside from an unbreakable sense of honour and a history of unparalleled skill at arms, the Death Templars share little in common with their forebears' culture and traditions. Left to operate alone at the edge of the Imperium has bred within them an isolationist and fiercely independent streak that has seldom been embraced by outside command. Over time they have also gained a shadowed reputation for themselves with other Imperial authorities as well as fellow Adeptus Astartes, who view their seemingly unnatural obsession with death and strange mortuary traditions with suspicion.
Dragons Amaranthine
Dragons Amaranthine Vet Marine
The Dragons Amaranthine are among the few unacknowledged sons of the Primarch Vulkan. Believing themselves to be successors of the vaunted and venerated Salamanders chapter, the Dragons Amaranthine bear their heredity with pride, and keep true to many of the tenants espoused in their primogenitors Promethean cult. The Chapters home system of Jemenaius hosts three habitable worlds, on of which is an adeptus mechanicus forge world, which creates arms and armaments for the chapter and the region. This includes of production of Dreadnought Sarcophagi, which the Dragons possess in great numbers, these have become the saving grace of the chapter since suffering grievous casualties as a result of false information from a excommunicate Rogue Trader.
Dragons Sanguine
Dragons Sanguine Astartes
The Dragons Sanguine are a Successor Chapter of the vaunted and noble Blood Angels. Created in M35 during the turmoil at the start of the Nova Terra Interregnum the High Lords of Terra said a new founding must be created in order to pacify any rebellions that started to occur. The Dragons Sanguine were one of those chapters that arose during the 9th Founding. The Chapter was created in the Segmentum Tempestus in order to train for the time when they must be called to bring the Emperor's justice on those who left the Emperor's light. As their first mission the chapter participated in the Axon Crusade 50 years after they were created.
Drakken Harbingers
Drakken Harbingers Astartes
The Drakken Harbingers are an alleged (and unacknowledged) Successor Chapter of the ancient and heroic Salamanders. This Chapter was created during the 4th Founding sometime in the fifth century of M32, in the wake of the disastrous conflict known as the War of the Beast. Down the millennia, the Drakken Harbingers has garnered a reputation as a bellicose Chapter for they are highly active in seeking out the various foes of Mankind, most especially Chaos, in order to bring their righteous wrath down upon them. Due to their savage nature and drive to enact retribution against their foes they are rarely at full-strength. Since that bygone era, the Drakken Harbingers have proven themselves worthy inheritors of Vulkan and stalwart defenders of the Imperium of Man.
Dusk Crusaders
Pict Unavailable

Pict-File Unavailable
The Dusk Crusaders are a notorious Renegade Chapter who abandoned their duty for the power and pride only offered by the Dark Gods. Created during the 4th Founding in the mid-500s.M32, they were once proud servants of the Emperor, hailing from the proud lineage of the dutiful Rogal Dorn. But their overreaching pride saw them fall from grace and the light of the Emperor. Declared renegades, they renamed themselves the Dusk Born, and now serve the Ruinous Powers - fully devoted to spreading their heretical faith throughout the area surrounding the Maelstrom.
(Excommunicate Traitoris)
Dusk Howlers
Dusk Howlers Primaris
The Dusk Howlers, known as the Vlka Hrímherjar (translated as the 'Wolves of Hrímgard'), are an Ulitma Founding Successor Chapter comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines, created from the lineage of the mighty Space Wolves. Their inception took place in the wake of Abaddon the Despoiler's 13th Black Crusade in 999.M41. The Dusk Howlers were created as a shock-assault force, to take back those worlds lost to the Traitor Legions in the wake of the formation of the galaxy-wide tear in reality known as the Great Rift. This Chapter is also known to make up part of the 'Sons of Russ', an unofficial collective comprised of several recently created Space Wolves Successor Chapters.


Ebon Knights
Sable Knights Tact Marine 2
The Ebon Knights are an ancient and proud Chapter whose origins are found in the chaotic centuries following the Horus Heresy. They were founded during the 3rd Founding as a Successor Chapter of the venerable Dark Angels Chapter. Their home world of Shadowmehr is located in the Ixaniad Sector in the Segmentum Obsucrus. Here, the insular Sable Knights have stood silent vigil over their demesne, ever vigilant against encroachment by the Forces of Chaos or malevolent xenos for nearly eight millennia. For unknown reasons, the Sable Knights are shunned by their Progenitors and fellow Unforgiven Chapters. The exact reason for this schism remains unknown to outsiders, but Imperial scholars have been able to speculate, tracing the most likely origin of this rift to the mid-32nd Millennium, during the so-called Crimson Blade Campaign, in the Scarus Sector. Despite their cold relations with their fellow Scions of the Lion, the Sable Knights have garnered a reputation for being honourable to their allies and implacable to their foes. This Chapter's extensive list of valiant deeds has even seen them come close to matching Chapters of more ancient provenance and heritage.
Exalted Seraphs
Exalted Seraphs Astartes 2
The Exalted Seraphs are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter supposedly created from the lineage of the stoic Imperial Fists during an Unknown Founding, following the Reign of Blood sometime in the 36th Millennium. They are notable for being a bellicose and zealous Chapter, whom unlike other Space Marine Chapters, are notably strict adherents of the Imperial Cult, believing in the Emperor's divinity and humanity's manifest destiny to dominate the stars. Though they initially believed they were descended from the lineage of the Imperial Fists, it was recently revealed that they are actually descended from the lineage of the Dark Angels. For reasons unknown they are looked upon with great acrimony and distrust by the Chapters of the Unforgiven.


Feral Sons
Feral Sons Astartes 2
The Feral Sons is a Codex-Divergent Loyalist Space Marine Chapter comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines, created from the venerable lineage of the Imperial Fists and raised during the recent Ultima Founding of 999.M41. The Feral Sons' self-appointed task is to patrol the Cicatrix Maledictum, as many foul abominations emerge out of that great rent in reality. In addition to slaying the Emperor's enemies, the Feral Sons diligently seek a method of reconnecting with the hundreds of thousands of worlds cut off in the galactic north of the Imperium Nihilus.
Fists of the Gorgon
Fists Gorgon Astartes
The Fists of the Gorgon are a Loyalist Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the stoic and unforgiving Iron Hands. They were created in the latter part of M37, a tumultuous period in Imperial history, where the Adeptus Astartes suffered the loss of dozens of Chapters through attrition or corruption by the Ruinous Powers. The Fists of the Gorgon were one of several Chapters created as a part of the 23rd 'Sentinel' Founding, and were intended to help shore up the losses and repair the power of the Adeptus Astartes. Since that bygone era, the Fists of the Gorgon have continued to stand sentinel over the Siovis System, but have answered the call of the High Lords of Terra, when called upon.


Gulf Hawks
Gulf Hawks Astartes
The Gulf Hawks are a loyalist Codex-compliant Successor Chapter created from the proud lineage of the vaunted Ultramarines during the 22nd Founding that occurred in M37. They proudly maintain their stoic heritage of the long lost Terran civilization of Merica. The Gulf Hawks were created to fulfill the needs of a specialist armoured/air-to-ground assault Space Marine Chapter, to counter the myriad threats of the Eastern Fringe - from the malevolent Forces of Chaos that reside within the warp anomaly known as the Maelstorm, to the deadly encroaching Tyranid Hive Fleets and endless Ork fleets that terrorize the Ultima Segmentum. Being successors of the well-organized and highly venerated Scions of Guilliman, the Gulf Hawks are experts in ranged warfare, armoured assault, and air-to-ground strikes. Gulf Hawks Astartes are known for their extensive use of highly accurate boltguns - the Mark VIII 'Colt' Pattern Bolter, as well as possessing a large quantity of Predator Annihilator and Horus Heresy-era Storm Eagle gunships.


Hammer Guard
Hammer Guard Astartes
The Hammer Guard are a Codex-divergent chapter of Adeptus Astartes. Their recent discovery of their progenitors, the revered Imperial Fists, has inspired feats of glory in the chapter, and they have started to regain the respect of many chapters who previously thought them tainted. As they pursue their quest for redemption, the Hammer Guard hunt their treasonous brothers across the stars, unwavering in their quest for redemption.
Holy Hospitallers
Holy Hospitaller Brother
The Holy Hospitallers are an ancient Crusading Chapter descended from the zealous Black Templars. They are extremely religious and fervently worship the God-Emperor with their every act. They also are firm believers in protecting the weak and aiding the less fortunate. All Battle-Brothers are expected to receive apothecary training and must be a certified apothecary before advancing to the rank of Preceptor or higher. Their holy mission is to provide aid and protection to Imperial pilgrims on their way to Terra through dangerous space. Typically the Hospitallers handle the escorting of the pilgrim fleets themselves and allow the Commanderies (crusading Battle Companies), usually with a Preceptory or Bailiwick attached, to bring medical aid to any planets in need that they come across on their trek.
Hyenas of Caliban
Hyenas Caliban Tact Marine
The Hyenas of Caliban are a Dark Angels Successor Chapter based within the Ultima Segmentum. Created during the mysterious 13th Founding, the so-called 'Dark Founding' sometime during M35, this chapter has continued the martial tradition of honour, cunning, and chivalry as well as displaying a strong desire to hunt the Fallen, the traitorous Dark Angels that stain the honour of their beloved primarch. This Chapter is known to utilise more Deathwing Knights and Primaris Hellblasters more than any of their fellow Unforgiven Chapters.


Ice Dragons
Ice Dragons Astartes
The Ice Dragons are an unconfirmed and unacknowledged Salamanders' Successor Chapter created during the tragic 21st Founding, also known as the 'Cursed Founding', which occurred in 991.M35, on the cusp of M36, shortly before the start of the Age of Apostasy. Initially, the Astartes of this Chapter only suffered cosmetic, physical changes such as distinct albinism. But soon they developed other unexpected, and much more serious, genetic idiosyncrasies - especially the peculiar mutation which necessitated the use of specially-modified power armour due to the Ice Dragons' inability to survive temperatures exceeding sub-zero.
Illuminators Astartes
The Illuminators are an 8th Founding Successor Chapter of the Raven Guard. Following a unique structure of 100 Deployments instead of traditional companies, the Illuminators can be found all across the Imperium's myriad of battlefields in small teams, supporting other Imperial forces. Their Fortress-Monastery, is a captured asteroid in orbit around the Death World Nullepart, carrying the shape of a giant head.
Imperius Ravagers
Imp Ravagers Tact Marine Bolter 2
Known also as the 'Headsmen of Charopós', the Imperius Ravagers are a bloody-handed and bellicose Chapter created from the honourable Ultramarines. Created in the wake of the War of the Beast, the Imperius Ravagers quickly garnered a fell reputation as both ferocious and unforgiving, wreaking terrible slaughter on those who dared oppose Imperial rule. Since that time, this bellicose Chapter has continued to defend the sovereign realm of the Emperor, and bring swift death to those who dare oppose His will.
Invokers Astartes
The Invokers were a partially Codex-compliant Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the venerable Dark Angels during the 18th Founding. They deviated significantly from the credos of the Codex Astartes due to their heritage and training as one of the Unforgiven, employing a Ravenwing and Deathwing formations as well as two additional scout companies due to an unprecedented close relationship to the Exorcists chapter prior to their fall from grace. The Invokers chosen path was one of daemon hunters and masters of the arcane, dealing with the Inquisition to a greater degree than most chapters and most certainly to a greater degree than their fellow Unforgiven. Since their fall from grace, they bolster their lessened numbers with fratricidal daemons and fanatical auxiliary forces of Malladictios now militant populace.
(Excommunicate Traitoris)
Iron Blood
Iron Bloods Astartes
The Iron Blood are a Loyalist Successor Chapter descended from the lineage of the stoic Iron Hands, one of the few bits of information still available to them about their past after near crippling defeats that nearly destroyed their Chapter. Created during an Unknown Founding, the Iron Bloods are not even certain if they are direct successors or spawned from another Successor Chapter, though evidence points to the latter. At present the chapter has recently returned to full strength and is eager to prove themselves and erase past shames of defeat. They are commonly called the 'Iron Blooded'.
Iron Dragons
ID Tactical Marine
The Iron Dragons are one of the Loyalist Space Marine Chapters created during the 5th Founding , which occurred sometime in the second century in M33. Due to their similar heraldry, chthonic traditions, beliefs and practices, the Iron Dragons are suspected to have been created from the lineage of the venerable Salamanders of Nocturne. They are also well known for their similar humane treatment and concern for the lives of innocent citizens of the Imperium as their supposed Progenitors. Almost nothing else is known about this Chapter in official Imperial records other than that they have continuously stood firm in their beliefs, as paragons of strength, honour and resolution in accordance to the legacy of their Primarch.
Iron Gorgons
Iron Gorgons Tact Marine
The Iron Gorgons are a Successor Chapter of the stoic and unforgiving Iron Hands. This Chapter, along with the Sanctors of Manus and the Templars of Iron, make up a triumvirate of 2nd Founding Iron Hands' Successors, collectively known as the Frateris Firmitatis ("The Ironclad Brotherhood"). The Iron Gorgons were Founded from a portion of the Iron Hands Chapter's Voraag Clan - survivors from the infamous Dropsite Massacre of Isstvan V. This clan was comprised of aggressive, brutal and willfully petulant elements of the original X Legion, who refused to recognise the authority of the newly appointed Iron Council following the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. When the High Lords of Terra decreed the 2nd Founding in 021.M31, the Iron Hands Chapter used this opportunity to purge themselves of this troublesome clan. Since that time, the Iron Gorgons Chapter have proven themselves as true Scions of Ferrus Manus, garnering a reputation as an unassailable and resolute Chapter of Space Marines.
Iron Retributors
Iron Retributors Astartes
The Iron Retributors are a loyalist Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the grim and unforgiving Iron Hands during the 10th Founding sometime during mid-M35, created amid the dark times of the Nova Terra Interregnum, when the Imperium of Man had been split into twin interstellar empires. Posted just over the borders of the Segmentum Pacificus, the newly formed Chapter claimed the backwater feudal world of Geyron Prime. The Iron Retributors were created following the success of a single squad from Clan Raukaan Iron Hands led by Sergeant Flavius Byzantum following the successful purged of a massive space hulk from unknown xenos. The Chapter embraced the Codex Astartes without losing their long lost tradition as Sons of the Gorgon.
Iron Templars
Iron Templars Tact Marine
The Iron Templars are an ancient Chapter descended from the lineage of the venerable Dark Angels. Believed to have been created in 021.M31 during the Second Founding, the Iron Templars have continued to follow in the footsteps of their genetic forbears, to relentlessly hunt down every single Fallen Angel and force them to repent. Despite their secretive nature and dedication to seeking out the Fallen, the Iron Templars have garnered a reputation as an honourable and dedicated Chapter who fiercely protect their planetary system of Aquitaine against the gathering darkness from Chaos, xenos and the myriad threats that threaten the Imperium on all sides. As a Chapter steeped in the feudal traditions of its Chapter home world, the Iron Templars' doctrines, traditions, and organisation reflect their particular approach to prosecuting the Imperium's wars.
Iron Wardens
Iron Warden Wearing Mk III
The Iron Wardens are Founded in late M35, partly due to the events of the Moirae Schism, which caused them to split from their progenitors - the stoic and unforgiving Iron Hands. While these outcasts would go on to prove themselves loyal as the Sons of Medusa, the Iron Wardens themselves would go to prove themselves as tactically brutal Space Marines. Like their forebears the Wardens have close a relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus. This not only allows the chapter to use and maintain advanced weapons and vehicles but often the chapter will march alongside the Skitarii and other forces of Mars. This however leads the chapter to accept numerous missions from the Mechanicus often without questioning the orders given. This has lead to clashes with other parties - both chaos and xenos alike.


Jiangshi Riders
Jiangshi Riders Astartes
The Jiangshi Riders are a loyalist Chapter who, due to their mutations and behavior, are highly suspected as originating during the 21st 'Cursed' Founding. Contrary to the nature of others from the Cursed Founding, the Jiangshi Riders have been known to work with the Inquisition, utilising their select tactics and culture to aid them when called. While still untrusted by the Imperium at large, this tie to the Inquisition has spared the Jiangshi from being declared renegades for their violent ways and reputation, although their gene-seed, only 70% of which is of White Scars origin, has been demanded numerous times for investigation. Uncaring of this, they act as the judge, jury, and executioner of the traitor, and entire worlds will descend into a hellscape of fear, created by them as they weed out those unworthy of the mercy of the Emperor.
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The Jonmarines are a Loyalist semi-Codex compliant Successor Chapter of the noble and accursed Lamenters Chapter, which hails from the lineage of the angelic Primarch Sanguinius, and, whilst partially understood by the Jonmarines themselves, the Praetors of Orpheus Chapter. Created in 927.M41 during an unstated Founding, the Jonmarines were the former protectors of the Lawsunda Majoris system, until disaster befell them during the disastrous events known in Chapter annals as the Howling Dark. Forced to enact Exterminatus upon their own Chapter home world, the Jonmarines henceforth became a fleet-based Chapter, and now bring both bolter and blade to the enemies of Mankind on their own terms, wherever citizens of the Imperium cry out for aid.
(Note:This Chapter falls under the Expanded Universe category.)


Knights of Sol
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The Knights of Sol are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter from the 19th Founding, descended from the Primarch Rogal Dorn and successor to the Black Templars Chapter, a proud heritage they strive to uphold with honor and courage, the Chapter constantly struggles against the forces of Traitor Legions and Chaos Daemons, and zealously defend their homeworld of Valium from the foul taint of Chaos. They are known for their proud Knightly culture and the great importance they give to honour, brotherhood and chivalry, as well as their disregard for combat vehicles and their preference for melee combat. Their pride works against them in many cases, specially when they refuse to hide their Chapter's Heraldry with camouflage.


Lyran Guard
Lyran Guard Veteran
The Lyran Guard is a 12th Founding Loyalist Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists created in M35 during the time period of the Nova Terra Interregnum. Given the duty by the High Lords of Terra to protect the Gierland Sector from xeno and chaos incursion. In the five millennia since their founding, the Guard have become characterized for their concern of civilian casualties by putting their duty as protectors of the Imperium’s people as their primary objective during their operations.


Maleficent Scars
Maleficent Scars Bro 2
The Maleficent Scars are an Imperial Fists Successor Chapter created during the Fourth Founding, and are well known for their radically masochistic and abusive nature. They are often characterised by their favored mark of experience - the scars on their armour and flesh. Known for their skill in destroying enemy leadership, the Maleficent Scars have become known for their effectiveness against leadership-reliant forces such as Ork Waaghs! and Chaos Warbands. Being Astartes who desire scars on their flesh and armour alike, the Maleficent Scars have taken it to the stars to crusade against the enemies of Mankind.
Maroon Hunters
Maroon Hunters Astartes
The Maroon Hunters are a loyalist, 26th Founding chapter that descends from the gene-seed of the Great Khan, Jaghatai. Founded to patrol the fringes of Segmentum Pacificus and protect it from xenos assaults, the Maroon Hunters have stood compliant to the Codex Astartes and have developed a rather unique culture compared to their primogenitor. A noble and fearsome chapter, they specialize in combating xenos and have adopted expeditionary as well as submissive tactics in order to quickly pacify or conquer a planet. An aggressive chapter when it comes to pacifying xenos, the Maroon Hunters are notorious warriors, fierce combatants and soldiers unwilling to retreat.
Marauding Eagles
Marauding Eagles Astartes
Created around mid-M34, during the 8th Founding, the sole known successor Chapter of the Destroyers, and through them the White Scars, the Marauding Eagles are the members of an infamous Chapter, whose berserk frenzy has caught the gaze of the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus. Like their forefather, their bloody conduct in war is marring their otherwise little but effective known records of engagements. However, the many dangers of the Halo Stars against which they stand ever vigilant have always allowed them to evade sanctions.
Mortarchs Serpentia
Vipers Mortis Astartes
The Mortarchs Serpentia are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of Unknown Founding and origin. These frightful and cryptic marines are not the proud, mythic figures that the Imperium idolises as the Adeptus Astartes, but rather a more horrifying, nightmarish force of power armour-clad spectres. Clad in midnight black and polished bone, they stalk from the darkness and the obscure, their death-rattle cry the only warning the enemy will receive before they are cut down by bolt and blade. Wounds that would lay even the mightiest ogryn low are shrugged off and ignored, the only reaction the enemy receives will be the hollow rattle of the wounded marine, as he continues to crunch forward despite grievous injury.
Mourning Wardens
Mourning Wardens Astartes
The Mourning Wardens are a 26th Founding Successor Chapter of the stoic and venerable Imperial Fists. Even amongst the Scions of Dorn, the Wardens are especially stoic and grim. Their pride expresses itself not in the swing of the blade or cold arrogance but in the calm satisfaction of a unbreakable defense being pierced by their efforts or an indefensible outpost holding out thanks to their presence. However, their stubbornness sometimes costs them to endure unnecessary sacrifices in the course of their duties.
Murdering Sons
Murdering Sons Astartes
The 'Homicidialis Filios', more commonly known in the Low-Gothic dialect as the Murdering Sons, are a darkly-famed Space Marine Chapter created with a specific purpose in mind - retribution. This bellicose Chapter was created during the 11th Founding sometime during the dark times of the Nova Terra Interregnum, a period of extreme unrest and civil strife, when the Imperium of Man was split in half, during the early-to-mid M35. When crimes such as insurrection, rebellion or heresy require not simply crushing the guilty, but to exact retribution, the High Lords of Terra deploy the Murdering Sons. These grim warriors are well-suited for the task at hand, displaying a propensity for moral absolution and a drive to enact retribution. The Murdering Sons have utilised the same brutal tactics throughout their millennia of existence, for unexpected violence is their calling card. When they conduct a campaign it is both an unsubtle and bloody affair, but brutally swift.


New Dawn
New Dawn Tactical
The New Dawn are a Loyalist Successor Chapter created during an Unknown Founding, sometime in late M37, from the proud lineage of the heroic and venerable Blood Angels. Like many of their fellow Chapters of the Blood, the New Dawn have a predilection for close-combat and shock assault tactics. The blood of Sanguinius burns like fire in their veins, and the New Dawn have garnered a reputation as being savage and bloodthirsty in nature. As they are greatly affected by the twin genetic-flaws inherent in their gene-seed, instead of fearing it, the New Dawn embraces these 'flaws' as blessings from the Red Angel.
Night Ravens
Night Ravens Tact Marine
The Night Ravens are a mysterious, if not oft-maligned, Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, who, despite being labelled as one of the 'sullied' Chapters of the 21st 'Cursed' Founding, has managed to forge a reputation for melding stealth and guile with vigilance, swiftness and perseverance. Like their progenitors, the Raven Guard, these Scions of Corax have become worthy successors as masters in the arts of stealth and speed, raising these skills to near preternatural levels. Developing their expertise over several millennia, the Night Ravens have carved a swathe of blood and ash across the void against the multitude of enemies that have assailed Mankind.
Novus Krakens
Novus Krakens Tactical Marine1
The Novus Krakens are a Codex-divergent Chapter of Loyalist Space Marines with an unknown progenitor and Founding. Records that were once in the Librarium of the Chapter's Fortress Monastery once contained a wealth of information about the Chapter's actions that suggested it was founded in the 26th Founding. However, the specifics of their founding were lost after the destruction of their Fortress Monastery during 'The Fall of Mobidium', and such knowledge has been permanently lost.


Obsidian Blades
Obsidian Blades Tactical Marine
The Obsidian Blades are a Codex-deviant Space Marine Chapter created during the 21st 'Cursed' Founding from Raven Guard gene-stock. Their heritage and gene-seed lineage already leans them towards a more reserved, practical and cunning approach to war, which has only been exacerbated in recent centuries as the Chapter has faced many hardships and near extinctions. The Obsidian Blades believe in ensuring the battle is won before a single shot is fired, sabotaging key structures and poisoning enemy supplies so that when the Obsidian Blades do emerge from the shadows like ghosts, the enemy is already weakened and debilitated. They creep forward under the cover of darkness and stealth, eviscerating lookouts and watchmen silently, utilising combat knives the use of which the Obsidian Blades have perfected.
Obsidian Talons
Mk VII OT Marine With Thunder Hammer
The Obsidian Talons are a Loyalist Chapter who - unknown to the vast majority of the Imperium for millennia - were Founded during the 21st (the so-called 'Cursed') Founding. They are often characterised by their aggressiveness, secretiveness, mistrustful nature and their employment bionics on a massive scale. Known for their abilities in exterminating xenos breeds, they predominantly operate on the Eastern Fringe in the untamed areas of space where xenos still run rampant. They are also known to successfully campaign against Tyranid Hive Fleets and splinter fleets thereof.
Omni Legion
Omni Legion Astartes
The Omni Legion is a mysterious Space Marine Chapter created during the 7th Founding sometime in M34 from unknown genetic lineage. Primarily active in the Segmentum Ultima, despite their undying loyalty to the Imperium and its people, the Chapter's history has made the Inquisition suspicious of their very existence. They are primarily known for searching countless systems for traces of technology lost over the millennia. Kept at bay thanks to the influence of the High Lords of Terra and watched closely by an allied Adepta Sororitas Order, this Chapter's gene-seed is strutinised more frequently than normal. But despite this rigorous examination for imperfection or genetic deviancy, they have always passed without fail.
Ordinators Tact Marine
The Ordinators are a 23rd Founding, semi-Codex compliant Space Marine Chapter thought to have been founded by order of the Ordo Malleus to build on the successful practice of Daemonic Possession Therapy to create a specialized anti-Chaos Astartes chapter in a besieged corner of the Imperium. The Ordinators were first mentioned in Administratum records as one of very few Space Marine Chapters with a permanent homeworld within the Segmentum Pacificus in late M38, and are considered by those who know of their presence to have been one of the "Sentinel Chapters" formed to protect the frayed borders of the Imperium In a region which is subject to frequent infiltration by the forces of Chaos.
Ordo Angelus
Ordo Angelus Battle-Bro
The Ordo Angelus, which translates to the 'Order of the Angel' in High Gothic, is a Successor Chapter of the proud and noble lineage of the angelic Primarch Sanguinius. Created during the 3rd Founding in 001.M32. Despite the unsavoury reputation of their fellow cousin-Chapters created during this Founding, the Ordo Angelus somehow maintained the nobler aspects of their Progenitors, winning the approbation of other Chapter Masters, Planetary Governors and even the High Lords of Terra themselves. But like many of their fellow Scions of Sanguinius, it was darkly whispered amongst some of the Chapter's detractors that the Ordo Angelus' sense of cause and purpose manifested as unflinching, unreasoning fanaticism bordering on madness.


Penitent Knights
Pentient-knight (base) (1)
The Penitent Knights Chapter is an ancient and fabled Codex-Divergent Chapter with an unknown origination from the 3rd Founding during the early years of M32 bearing a near chivalric culture and attitude. The most obvious difference from most other Astartes Chapters is that the Penitent Knights fiercely and zealously believe in defending the citizens of the Imperium, which is backed with a learned ferocity and determination. Often have the honorable Penitent Knights contested with other Imperial forces that civilian life is indeed worthy of protecting, as they point out, was their purpose: to safeguard humanity. To die fighting the abhorrent enemies of Mankind so that defenseless humans may escape death is held in the highest respect among the Knights, second only to do the same and live. Standing defiantly against the forces of Chaos in Segmentum Obscurus for many long millennia has provided them with many opportunities to earn these respects. In possession of the Aegimius System, of the Asteria Sub-sector, very close to the Great Rift created early in M42, the Knights defended their home from frequent Chaos threats, as well as the revelation of their homeworld being a Necron Tomb World. With all of the adversity thrown at them, the Penitent Knights have become nearly depleted, spared destruction thus far by alliances with other Astartes Chapters, and by their own renowned fury.






Sable Lions
Sable Lions Rafiq2
The Sable Lions are a Successor Chapter from the line of Rogal Dorn, supposedly created during the 8th Founding, which allegedly occurred during mid-M34. This Founding was undertaken amid the dark times of the Nova Terra Interregnum, when the Imperium of Man had been split into twin interstellar empires. The Sable Lions quickly garnered a noble if aloof reputation, even for the warriors of the Adeptus Astartes. For their role during this conflict, they were given the primitive world of Persepolis, located in the galactic north near the Pelegron Cluster, which lies near the edges of the Segmentum Ultima and the Segmuntum Obscurus. They serve as protectors, guarding the Imperial routes to the Forge World of Mezoa, located in the nearby Gothic Sector, while their Chapter starships tirelessly ply the borders of the Pelegron Cluster, hunting down and slaughtering xenos corsairs and potential Chaos incursions that have long made this trackless region their lair.
Sanctors of Lightrim
Sanctors of Lightrim 2
The Sanctors of Lightrim were a formerly Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during an Unknown Founding and of uncertain lineage. They were founded to guard against the threat of the Traitor Legions attacking the Nosgothica Sector from the nearby Eye of Terror. The Sanctors were once counted amongst the most stalwart defenders of mankind. But the insidious threat of Chaos wrapped its corrupting tendrils around the very soul of the Chapter, instilling within the Sanctors' lore-seeking brethren, an unnatural craving for forbidden knowledge. Believing they could defeat Chaos by utilising the power of the Ruinous Power against itself, they were eventually declared renegade and driven into the Eye of Terror, becoming the Chaos Warband known as the Sons of Damnation.
(Excommunicate Traitoris)
Seraphim of the Abyss
GK MK VII Armor With Bolter Wolf Pelt
The Seraphim of the Abyss are a mysterious and ancient semi-Codex Compliant Dark Angels Successor Chapter from the 2nd Founding, and thus members of the Unforgiven, Scions of the Lion that hunt the Fallen Angels. Once, the Chapter was named the "Seraphim of the Gryphon" until tragedy struck these sons of the Lion when their beloved home-world was destroyed, like Caliban of old, and now restlessly engage in the Hunt for the Fallen. They also have developed their own distinct culture and beliefs over the millennia inhabiting the planet that was once heralded as a "New Caliban." Due to the specialties of the Boletarian recruits uplifted to the Chapter, the Seraphim have developed either a love or a deep appreciation for hunting, whether it be the traitorous Fallen or a particularly deadly xenos species. However, their own separate cultural traditions have created a chasm of animosity between them and their fellow Unforgiven Chapters.
Shadow Talons
ST Tact Marine
The Shadow Talons are a 4th Founding Successor Chapter of the heroic Raven Guard, created sometime in the fifth century of the 32nd Millennium. Little is known about this Chapter in official Imperial records save that the Shadow Talons are known to be a reclusive and suspicious Chapter, who no longer trust other Space Marine Chapters or the Imperial government, preferring to work alone and unobserved by all, save the foes of Mankind and the Emperor.
Shadow Warriors
Shadow Warriors Tactical Marine
The Shadow Warriors are a brutal Raven Guard Successor Chapter that was created during the 24th Founding, sometime in early M38. Hailing from the verdant jungle world of Rehua I, located in the Ultima Segmentum, the Shadow Warriors have been ranked among the most brutal and fearsome of the Raven Guard Successors. Inheriting their strategic prowess from the Raven Guard, the Shadow Warriors combine vicious assaults with cunning tactics and guerrilla warfare, exploiting the enemy's weak spots with lightning fast deployment and finishing them off with brutal efficiency. While these marines inherit the logistical aspect of their battlefield doctrine from the Raven Guard, they carry on the violent and cunning traditions of the tribes of their home world. Many observers often remark on the terrible suffering they bring to their enemies, utilizing close combat brutality to tear apart xenos and heretic alike.
Silver Centurions
Silver Centurion Astartes
The Silver Centurions are a loyalist Codex-compliant Successor Chapter that hails from the proud lineage of the honorable Ultramarines. This Chapter was supposedly created during the mysterious 13th Founding (known also as the 'Dark' Founding), under commendation of the High Lords of Terra and Chapter Master Ollonius of the Ultramarines, following a successful campaign to restore the Euridite Sector at the edge of Segmentum Tempestus. This highly organised Chapter is known to recruit their members on both Penal and Hive Worlds across the Segmentum Tempestus, picking troubled youths and young hive scum gangers to become Angels of Death. The Silver Centurions are a fleet-based Chapter who continuously patrol across the width and breadth of the galaxy, to take the fight to the enemies of mankind before they become a dire threat.
Silver Fists
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The Silver Fists are a Chapter formed of Primaris Space Marines created from Rogal Dorn's gene-seed, who served as part of Roboute Guilliman's Unnumbered Sons during the Indomitus Crusade. After the Avenging Sons's Crusade ended, the Silver Fists were formed and relocated to Sebastus VI, were they began recruiting and strengthening their numbers. Having studied the tactics of the Imperial Fists, the Crimson Fists and even the Black Templars chapters that were available, they began to develop their own strategies to intervene in both xenos and traitor attacks on populated worlds and valuable locations.
Star Gorillas Astartes
The Silverbacks are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown Founding and lineage. It is believed that they were created during the 9th Founding. Their fortress-monastery is located on the jungle Death World of Wazari II between the borders of the Segmentum Obscurus and Segmentum Pacificus. The Astartes of this Chapter are notable for being unusually large and robust physical specimens, even amongst their kind, and they are capable of surviving wounds and physical injuries that would kill even other Space Marines. Very little information is recorded about this Chapter in official Imperial records.
Solar Wardens
Solar Wardens Astartes
The Solar Wardens are a 25th Founding loyalist chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, and the sole Successor Chapter of the Hammer Guard. They follow a unique organisation, casting aside the Codex Astartes. Originating from the planet Mhuir, the chapter has been given the Mhuir system to recruit from, as their homeworld is uninhabited. Instead they recruit from Mhuir II, known as Coille by the inhabitants. The chapter's progenitor, their chapter cult and gene-seed have all created conflict with the Inquisition. Despite being bloody and savage warriors, the Solar Wardens have an artist's side, constantly modifying their armour and creating fine works of art to honour their chapter cult.
Sons of Galastram
Valiant Scions
The Sons of Galastram are a 25th Founding Successor Chapter of the honored Penitent Knights Chapter. Created during M40, the Sons of Galastram proudly adhere to the near chivalric culture of their forebear Chapter, adopting many of the customs, strategies, and beliefs. Like the Knights, the Sons fervently believe in the value of civilian life and will gladly endure many hardships to secure their safety. Because of this, or perhaps the reason for it, being that the Chapters have maintained a very close relationship, the Sons seeing the Knights as their noble fathers. However, differing from their parent Chapter, the Sons of Galastram are mostly a crusading Chapter, roaming the Imperium for foes to slay, though sometimes taking periods of time to defend their parent Chapter's system to rebuild their ranks.
Sons of Iron
SoI Astartes
The Sons of Iron Chapter is a 26th Founding Successor Chapter of the Iron Hands. Hailing from the perilous world of Suami, the Sons have begun to gain a reputation, among the kin of Ferrus Manus, as an effective Chapter, whose sole and yet infamous stain is their beliefs tantamount to heresy in the eyes of the Iron Hands and many of their successors, while the Imperium at large consider them as a cold and unforgiving gathering of devoted Space Marines, exemplifying the better traits from their Progenitor without the strained relationships which are often the lot of Ferrus Manus lineage. Like all those who bear the Seed of Manus, they feel the drive to replace their flesh with bionics, but try to resist it, a strain which adds to their already grim demeanour.
Space Naga
Space Naga Astartes
The Space Naga are a loyalist Codex-compliant Successor Chapter created from the proud lineage of the vaunted Ultramarines during the 23rd Founding, known as the 'Sentinel Founding'. They were created under the dispensation of the High Lords of Terra as a Successor Chapter of the well-organized and highly venerated Scions of Guilliman in order to fulfill the additional defence of the Eastern Fringe against both the Forces of Chaos from the Warp anomaly known as the Maelstorm, the emergent Tau Empire, the tendrils of encroaching Hive Fleets, and marauding Ork WAAAGH! fleets. Under commendation from the Ultramarines' Chapter Master Marneus Augustus Calgar, the Space Naga was given control of the system known as the Indravari System, a system consisting of three planets. The Chapter has become widely known for their formidable psychic defence veil, known as the 'Gautam Veil', that protects the Indravari System from invading xenos or Chaos alike. The Space Naga are also known for their extensive use of psyker-infused melee weaponry which is capable of absorbing souls of daemonic entities, as well as possessing a large quantity of grav weaponry - from the simple grav pistol to the long lost Horus Heresy technology of the mobile platform, Rapier grav cannon.
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The Spearheads are a formerly Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during the lamentable 21st 'Cursed' Founding from the vaunted lineage of the Ultramarines. They were created by a group of Tech-Priests to created an Ultramarines Successor Chapter with a lower mutation rate than even their genetic forebears. Initially deemed successful, the Spearheads were considered one of the few successful Cursed Founding results and inherited the planet of Kastarsuz IV as their homeworld. However, this purity came at a cost. Although the Chapter was freed of physical mutations, their minds had become significantly weaker than the minds of other Astartes. The Astartes of the Chapter were more likely to develop mental disorders and were still corruptable by Chaos even when they were under the protection of their Brother Librarians. Eventually, they fell from grace, becoming the notorious Chaos Warband known as the Ashen Exiles.
(Excommunicate Traitoris)
Spectral Wolves
Spectral Wolves Astartes
The Spectral Wolves are non-Codex adherent Chapter that was created from unknown lineage. Unlike other Chapters, the Spectral Wolves do not possess the usual number of 1,000 battle-brothers, instead numbering around 300. Despite their smaller size, the Chapter's ferocity and stubbornness in the face of overwhelming odds, more than makes up for what they lack in numbers. The Chapter, referred to as the Shadow Company by their Chapter Master, Wolf Commander Tyr Hjalmar, are known for one of the earliest discoveries of the Tyranids beyond the borders of the Eastern Fringe, and were one of the first Chapters to warn the Imperium about the coming of an extra-galactic composite species of hideous xenos, that was in actually, a space-faring ecosystem comprised of innumerable different bioforms comprised of innumerable variations on the same genetic theme - the Tyranids. Due to their unknown Founding and origins, the Spectral Wolves are sometimes viewed suspiciously by most other Space Marine Chapters, despite the Inquisition finding them free of Chaotic-taint or mutation. This Chapter is known for possessing an inordinate amount of power weapons compared to most other Adeptus Astartes Chapters.
Storm Riders
BoK Mk VII Aquila Armour
The Storm Riders are a Loyalist Fourth Founding and rare Successor Chapter of the highly venerated White Scars. Created during the latter years of M32, almost nothing is known about this Chapter in official Imperial records other than that they share their forefather's battle-lust and aggressive style of lighting warfare. The Storm Riders are notable for their duality of character - being a highly aggressive and bellicose Chapter which are uncompromisingly brutal to their foes almost to the point of savagery - but are also known for their nobility of character. This Chapter is stoic and fiercely loyal in their duties of protecting the weak and the innocent, embodying all that is best in the sons of the Great Khan.
Storm Sentinels
Storm Sentinels Tact Marine
The Storm Sentinels are a proud and noble Loyalist Successor Chapter created from the stoic and venerable gene-seed of the great Rogal Dorn during the 25th Founding. As proud inheritors of Dorn, like their genetic forebears, the Storm Sentinels are also specialists in siege warfare as well as ranged combat. Making their demesne within the borders of the Segmentum Tempestus, the Storm Sentinels often combat the Ork menace that often assails this volatile region, and often conduct xenocidal campaigns to halt the greenskin menace.
Storm Sons
Storm Sons Astartes
The Storm Sons are a rare Successor Chapter of the venerable, highly mobile and feared White Scars Chapter. Created sometime during the 24th Founding in M39, the Storm Sons, like their forebears, enact swift and brutal justice against those who transgress against the Emperor and his Imperium of Man. Born in the turmoil of apostasy, for over two thousand years the mystic warriors of the Storm Sons have exacted swift and relentless vengeance against the enemies of the Emperor over the entire breadth of the known galaxy.
Storm Zealots
Storm Zealot Astartes 2
The Storm Zealots are Space Marine Chapter created during the 23rd ('Sentinel') Founding. They were created under commendation of the High Lords of Terra as a Successor Chapter of the highly vaunted Imperial Fists as an additional defence to the Eastern Fringe against both the Forces of Chaos from the Warp anomaly known as the Maelstorm, the emergent Tau Empire, the tendrils of encroaching Hive Fleets and to preserve the lives of Imperial citizens on the rich desert world of Jeras. All members of this Chapter are solely recruited from Jeras, a civilized world known for its religious citizens who are devoted to the love of their planet and the Emperor. Unlike most Space Marines that follow the Imperial Cult, the Storm Zealots and their people, the Jerasians as a whole, are also defined by their adherence to a variation of the Imperial Cult called the Jerasian Ark whose teachings espouse the veneration of the Emperor as both God and Lawgiver to them.
Sworn of Guilliman
SoG Tact Marine
The Sworn of Guilliman are a formerly Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and sole known Successor Chapter of the Metamarines, created during the 26th Founding. Following the near-annihilation of the Chapter, during the events the now-rebellious Astartes call 'The Betrayal', the renamed Chaos warband, known as The Betrayed, are slowly drifting towards pure Chaotic corruption - even if its members are still far from true believers - instead favouring the use of minor daemons as auxiliaries in their raids. (Excommunicate Traitoris)


Tempest Knights
TK Tactical Marine I Template
The Tempest Knights are a Codex Astartes-compliant Loyalist Chapter of Space Marines who are a 4th Founding Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists.The newly created Chapters of this Founding were created to help restore order to to an Imperium rife with civil upheaval and insurrection. Since their inception, the Tempest Knights have continued to maintain order and bring swift justice to those who would dare sow discord or preach rebellion.
Templarii Scientae
Templariii Astartes
The Templarii Scientae, or Templars of Knowledge in Low Gothic, are a strange and esoteric Loyalist Space Marine Chapter with supposed ties to the Imperial Inquisition. Their exact origins and circumstances surrounding their creation is shrouded in mystery, as are their constant whereabouts. The chapter is known to be in possession of an incredible amount of exotic and finely made wargear. What few extant accounts that exist, the only thing that can be ascertained for certain is that this ancient Chapter officially appeared sometime during the 32nd Millennium. Officially, they are listed as hailing from the genetic lineage of the venerable First Founding Dark Angels. But the truth of their heritage is a far more complicated and complex issue - one that could see them fall under the scrutiny of outside Imperial authorities and see them yet declared as renegades.
Templars of Iron
TI Tactical Marine
The Templars of Iron are a Successor Chapter of the Iron Hands. These scions of Ferrus Manus are noted for their stern demeanour and ruthless persecution of their foes. This Chapter, along with the Iron Gorgons and the Sanctors of Manus, make up a triumvirate of 2nd Founding Iron Hands' Successors, collectively known as the Frateris Firmitatis ("The Ironclad Brotherhood"). Since their inception, the Templars of Iron have amassed a substantial tally of glorious victories down the millennia. Like their Progenitors, they too, have a hatred of the flesh and share their predilection for replacing parts of their bodies with bionics and cybernetic enhancements. In battle, the Templars are noted for their stoic resolve and stubborn determination to succeed in the face of overwhelming odds, as they fight on without remorse for their foes, or even their own lives.
Thousand Blades
Thousand Blades Astartes
The Thousand Blades are a loyalist Codex-compliant Successor Chapter created from the proud lineage of the famous White Scars during the 23rd Founding, known as the 'Sentinel Founding'. They were created under commendation of the High Lords of Terra as a Successor Chapter of the highly venerated White Scars as an additional defense to the Eastern Fringe against both the Forces of Chaos from the Warp anomaly known as the Maelstorm, the emergent Tau Empire, the tendrils of encroaching Hive Fleets and to preserve the lives of Imperial citizens on the frigid Hive World of Wojtyla and its surroundings. All members of this Chapter are solely recruited from Wojtyla, a Hive World surrounded by icy swamps and is well known for its Imperial College of Ladowsk. The Chapter is widely known for their expertise and superbly coordinated battle-fleet tactics in the realm of void warfare, fast attack, and multi-vector and sub-orbital assaults. The Thousand Blades are also known for possessing a large quantity of Storm Hawk and Storm Talon gunships at their disposals.
Thunder Lords
Thunder Lords Tact Marine
The Thunder Lords are a loyalist Adeptus Astartes Chapter, coming from the 12th Founding, being successors of the XIII Legion, the venerable and honoured Ultramarines. Although somewhat Codex-divergent, they still abide by many of the Codex Astartes rules and guidelines, including sticking to the 10 Company limit. The Thunder Lords, though once a very isolationist Chapter and only staying in their system and defending it, have recently began to spread themselves out and help the sub-sector, and even to the Segmentum that they reside in, the Segmentum Pacificus.




Venerus Fathers
Venerus Fathers Astartes
The Venerus Fathers are a small understrength Adeptus Astartes Chapter that numbers around 300-400 strong with only 10 Dreadnoughts. The chapter was founded around M40, created during an Unknown Founding, but there is no exact date. The Venerus Fathers used to be strong, numbering the authorised 1,000 battle-brothers, but after many battles and unfortunate events their numbers decreased, and with it, their strength. Despite their misfortunes the Venerus Fathers continue to valiantly take the fight the myriad of foes of the Mankind, determined to decide their fate, on their own terms.
Void Ravens
Void Ravens Bolter
The Void Ravens form an ancient and nefarious Crusading Chapter, whose history is plagued by bloodshed and atrocities. Born from the ashes and death of the Horus Heresy and delivered during the 3rd Founding, they have carved for themselves a reputation of bloodthirsty and sadistic Space Marines, which has led to downfall with their Progenitor, the revered Raven Guard. Operating in the depth of space, isolated from most of the Imperium during long decades, or even centuries, those Space Marines have come several times under scrutiny from the Inquisition for their malevolent behaviour and blatant disregard of human lives and sufferings. However, their dedication to the Emperor was always deemed sufficient to avoid the harshest of punishment that could have awaited them, keeping them among the forces loyal to the Imperium.
Void Wyverns
Void Wyverns Intercessor
The Void Wyverns are loyalist Space Marine Chapter comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines, created during the recent Ultima Founding in 999.M41, from the lineage of the great Salamanders. The Void Wyverns, along with several other Primaris Successor Chapters, were created to help protect the Imperial sectors of Segmentum Tempestus and supporting Imperial worlds and the Inquisition as needed. All members of this Chapter are solely recruited from Drukar Prime, a feral world filled with swamps, toxic bogs, and crannog tribes that constantly war among each other. The Chapter is known for its close assault tactics, armoured assault, and close-range combat, possessing a large quantity of assault flamers and melta incinerator wielding Inceptor Squads that is unique amongst many other Primaris Space Marine Chapters.


Wardens Metallicus
Wardens Metallicus Intercessor
The Wardens Metallicus are an Ultima Founding Chapter, created from the proud lineage of Rogal Dorn, and comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines recently revealed towards the beginning of the Indomitus Crusade in 999.M41. The chapter has been tasked with reinforcing and defending a set of crucial imperial worlds based in the Alconeus System of the Alkonost sub-sector and it's three forge worlds. In order to accomplish this, the chapter has specialised in strong defensive warfare with the help of it's unusually large force of dreadnoughts.
Wardens of Orask
WO Mk VII Aquila Armour Updated
The Wardens of Orask are a Codex Astartes-compliant Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of Ultramarines lineage, created during the 7th Founding sometime during the first few centuries of M34. They were one of several Adeptus Astartes Chapters created to help quell an unknown xenos threat from beyond the Imperium's borders in the Eastern Fringe, known as the Ghoul Stars, which threatened the security of that region of the galaxy. Due to their valiant efforts, they were recognised and fêted by the High Lords of Terra, and were granted the honour of garrisoning the sentinel world of Orask, a battlefront and bastion that has guarded the Imperium from the terrors beyond. A fleet-based Crusading Chapter, since their Founding, this stoic Chapter has willingly answered the call to fight against the myriad foes that have threatened the sanctity of the Imperium of Man across the width and breadth of the galaxy, and as such, have earned the respect and admiration of both the High Lords of Terra and several of their fellow Space Marine Chapters.
Wild Hunt
Wild Hunt Battle-Brother
The Wild Hunt is an Ultima Founding Space Marine Chapter comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines created from the gene-stock of the feral Space Wolves. This Chapter is based in the Segmentum Tempestus on the first moon of planet Skadi known as Utgard. Known for their tactics resembling a pack of wolves hunting, with deep-strike and infiltration units bleeding their prey dry while the bulk of their forces circles and moves in for the kill, the Wild Hunt carries forth a peculiar variation of Fenrisian folklore, where the cult of Morkai has a prominent place.
Will Breakers
Will Breakers Vet Astartes
The Will Breakers are a Loyalist Chapter of Space Marines based in the northern Segmentum Pacificus. Though their exact Founding is unknown, many Imperial scholars suspect that they were created during the 24th Founding in M39, when the Age of Waning began. The chapter employs a larger amount of long range weaponry than most chapters and prefers not to engage in close quarters combat until the very last hours of a battle. What little close combat weaponry the chapter possesses is highly valued among its members. The chapter is currently undergoing an extensive period of rebuilding after their chapter homeworld was devastated by a large Emperor's Children Traitor Legion warband after the opening of the Great Rift.
Winds of Fury
Winds Fury Astartes
The Winds of Fury are a loyalist Codex-compliant Successor Chapter created from the proud lineage of the revered Raven Guard during the 23rd Founding, the so-called 'Sentinel Founding'. This near mysterious chapter was created following the liberation of Ryunkai against the Orks of Klan FaceChoppa by the famous Shadow Captain Alerin of the Raven Guard's 3rd Company. The chapter continues to practice the art of stealth, guerrilla warfare and close-combat using the combined teachings of their ancestors while fighting the "Green Oni", aka the greenskins, and the wisdom of the Raven Guard Chapter. The chapter is known to operate independently and never depends on any other chapters aside from those that earn their respect.
Wings of Salvaxes
WoS Astartes
The Wings of Salvaxes, in their brief existence as a Space Marine Chapter have carved for themselves a vicious and brutal reputation for wanton slaughter and savage violence. Alone they stand amongst the noble Sons of Sanguinius as dark pariahs of all that the Blood Angels lineage seek to avoid. Eschewing the jump pack assaults of their Primogenitors and sister chapters, the Wings of Salvaxes instead make use of massed mounted charges, spewing forth death from their guns unhindered by their savage recoil, before crashing into their foes like an avalanche - chainswords hacking and wheels crushing all that stand in their way. Their momentum expended, they will peel away from the assault as their psychotic Death Company terminators join the fray in a bloodbath of blasting stormbolters and crackling power fists. They will then either roar off to find more foes, or circle around and join their terminator brethren in the slaughter of the Emperor's foes.
Wings of Sanguinius
The Wings of Sanguinius are a rather active--and somewhat well known, loyalist chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, located in the Prismata System of the Segmentum Obscurus. Following their creation during the ill-fortuned 21st 'Cursed' Founding, for much of their history, the Wings of Sanguinius have acted as the main defense force and arbiters of the Prismata System--as well as reinforcements should the Cadian System and it's "Cadian Gate" required aid. Most of their active duty is spent destroying minor Chaos incursions into their system, as the Eye of Terror (a giant warp-rift in realspace that leads to the hellish Realm of Chaos) resides in close proximity.




Yellow Hands
Yellow Hands Intercessor
The Yellow Hands are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during the tragic 21st Founding, the so-called 'Cursed' Founding, from the gene-seed of Roboute Guilliman. The Chapter, cursed to forever lack the ability to replicate any of their cells naturally, have become a chapter obsessed with medicine and used their skills in it to modify their bodies - not mechanically, but biologically - to mold their flesh to better suit their needs. Known for their compassion, their abhorrence to unneeded mechanical augments and their unusual tactics, they have become a rather notable chapter among the many chapters of their Ultramarian home.