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"Gah! Where are enemies worthy of my rage?!"
— An unknown Maleficent Scars Battle-Brother, during one of the Chapter's many Crusade for Scars.

The Maleficent Scars are an Imperial Fists Successor Chapter from the Fourth Founding and are well known for their radically masochistic and abusive nature. They are often characterized by their favored mark of experience - the scars on their armor and flesh.

Known for their skill in destroying enemy leadership, the Maleficent Scars have become known for their effectiveness against leadership-reliant forces such as Ork Waaghs! and Chaos Warbands. Being Astartes who desire scars on their flesh and armor alike, The Maleficent Scars have taken it to the stars to crusade against the enemies of Mankind.

Chapter History

Maleficent Scars are an Imperial Fist Successor Chapter originating from the Fourth Founding.

The Fourth Founding of Space Marines occurred several standard decades after the disastrous events of the War of the Beast -- the massive WAAAGH! of the Ork Warlord known only as The Beast -- which laid waste to much of the known galaxy and threatened to destroy Terra itself. Following the successful eradication of the massive Greenskin invasion force and the defeat of its Warlord, the Lord Commander of the Imperium Maximus Thane, the former Chapter Master of the Fists Exemplar, and now the newly-appointed commander of the reconstituted Imperial Fists, decreed that the Imperium would raise as many new Chapters as they had gene-seed in the great vaults of Terra to sustain. All Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes were ordered to release a portion of their Veterans to provide the initial basis for this Founding, the greatest since the First Founding. Gene-seed tithing would be doubled for the next standard century to replenish the vaults. When it was done, there would be hundreds of Chapters to ring the Imperium in adamantium and ceramite instead of dozens.

After enough gene-seed had been collected in the vaults on Terra, the High Lords of Terra authorised the 4th Founding of the Adeptus Astartes, sometime in the fifth century of the 32nd Millennium, to help bring order to an Imperium rife with civil strife and insurrection, and to help restore Imperial law.

One of these Chapters was the Maleficent Scars, a ruthless Imperial Fist Successor that focused more on the masochistic and resilient sides of their parent Chapter.

Known to many as "The Undying," Maleficent Scars were forged in the furnace of war as means of having a large, constantly crusading force within the Segmentum Obscurus to prevent any Chaos or xenos forces that cross their path from threatening the Imperium at large.

Chapter Recruitment

Any and all recruits who wish to become a Scar Brother of The Maleficent Scars must undergo three major trials where they will give up the preservation of the following:

  • The Body
  • The Mind
  • The Soul

Trial 1 - The Body:

The Body Trial is, as the name implies, the trial related to one's mortal flesh. This trial is separated into three, sub-trials where the recruit's skin, flesh and bones are tested separately. All recruits who are to fail in this trail are summarily executed, as one whose body is too weak to pass the trial is not worth a place anywhere near the Maleficent Scars.

  • The skin is tested by a constant, 3 hour long electrocution. As soon as the electrocution is done, water will be poured all over the floor and the cables connecting to the recruit will be cut, electrifying the floor in the process. The recruit is then expected to leave the room while being electrocuted.
  • The flesh is tested by having small doses of the poison used by the Imperial Callidus Assasins injected directly into the flesh of the recruit. If the recruit survives for more than one and a half hours, the recruit will pass this part of the trial. If the recruit is unable to pass this part of the trial however, his dead body will be re-purposed into a Servitor for the Maleficent Scars to make use of.
  • The bones are tested by applying constant pressure on them from all sides for an unknown number of hours. If the recruit survives this trial, even if several of their bones have been broken during this part of the trial, they pass. If they die however, their broken bones will be put back together in a shoddy fashion and displayed on the Chapter's flagship.

This trial is to make new recruits learn that though they will serve as Astartes in the near future, their skin, flesh and bones are still fragile and are not worthy of looking after.

Trial 2 - The Mind:

This trial is where the mind of the recruits are tested. This trial, unlike The Body, isn't separated into multiple parts. Instead, this trial takes a mere 2 hours to finish as only one thing is required of the recruits to complete.

The trial begins by having the recruits be put into sleep and then having a Brother Librarian of the Maleficent Scars enter their mind using their psychic powers. While in the recruit's mind, the Librarian will then disguise him as one of the four Chaos Gods (or, if they choose to, disguise themselves as "The Voice of Undivided" which represents Chaos Undivided as a whole) and try to convince the recruit into joining the powers of Chaos. If the recruit manages to show unwavering loyalty to the Chapter and not accept the offer, they are allowed to proceed into the next trial. If the recruit fails this trial however, their mind is deemed unclean and they will be executed.

Trial 3 - The Soul

Unlike the other trials, who needs a recruit with utmost physical and mental strength, The Soul instead requires the recruit to remove all the troubles and responsibilities from his past life that are still weighing down on his soul. This trial is the only trial out of the three major trials a recruit has to go through where a recruit is expected to kill. This trial, like The Body, is separated into three sub-trials.

  • The first part of the trial requires the recruit to cut any ties they had with their previous family by killing them in cold blood. To allow the recruit's family members a chance to live, they are allowed to fight back the recruit with everything they have. If the recruit dies to their family members during this part of the trial, they will be deemed a lost cause and the family will be offered to have one of their family members become a serf for the Maleficent Scars as means of paying them back for their loss.
  • The second part of the trial requires the recruit to cut any ties they had with their former comrades in arms by, again, killing them in cold blood. In a sort of sick twist, the recruit's closest comrades are NOT allowed to fight back. If the recruit can ignore their cries and kill all of his former comrades, he can continue to the next part of the trial. If he loses however, his comrades are then forced to kill him.
  • The final part of the trial requires the recruit to get rid of all of their valued possessions from before they were recruited. The recruit must expose of these items in front of the rest of the Chapter as means of having evidence. If the recruit successfully exposes of their valued possessions, they are allowed into the ranks of the Maleficent Scars. If the Chapter learns that they didn't get rid of all of their possessions or the recruit fails this part of the trial completely, they are brutally beaten and are forced to watch their valued possessions burn.

Notable Campaigns

Hunt For Durzu (878.M41):

"To my shame, it appears I cannot fully block the Warp's influence..."
"Don't worry, Epistolary! We wouldn't have made it this far otherwise!"
"I am forced to admit this is so, if not for that power I doubt I'd even be hearing your voice."
"Huh? What do you m- MY MOUTH! Who'd do such a thing, and why?"
"I can think of but one man..."
"And we aren't the only ones who want to see him pay for his crimes.
—A conversation between Epistolary Durzu and the re-animated body of Mistress Evilan, talking about Scar Lord Gulborg Uritalis.

After his excommunication from the Chapter following his open defense of Mistress Evilan, a noble who used Chaos magic so she could escape arrest, Epistolary Durzu fled to the Hive World of Avlen Primus with the corpse of recently murdered Mistress Evelan to find means of resurrecting her. Before his research could go any further however, an Alpha Legion Warband calling itself "The Lost Sons" attacked Avlen Primus in hopes of recruiting it's people into their ranks. When The Lost Sons found Durzu and the deceased Mistress Evilan, they treated them with a mixture of fake and true sympathy. This was due to the fact that the Lost Sons were almost killed to a man by the Maleficent Scars during the 10th Black Crusade yet still understood the Epistolary's troubles. As perhaps a token of friendship and sympathy, they offered to resurrect the Mistress using the ancient powers of Chaos. Though he was reluctant to accept the offer at first, he accepted without hesitation once he realized the consequences of him refusing the offer would be. After a long and tiresome ritual, Mistress Evilan was resurrected but something was forgotten.

The Maleficent Scars, in order to silence her heretical tounge, had sewn her mouth shut before brutally murdering her. Therefore while she was alive once again, she was unable to talk. Deciding that the information she carried was too important, Epistolary Durzu used his psychic powers so that everything Mistress Evilan would be connected to her Servo-Skull which in turn would talk for her.

With their Epistolary making pacts with the dark forces of Chaos and resurrecting the foul Mistress, the Maleficent Scars 1st Company, led by High Scar Lord Gulborg Uritalis, made planetfall on Avlen Primus to deal with the two miscreants that dare put the Scars to shame.

Learning of the arrival of the Maleficent Scars and how they defiled her corpse, the now-resurrected Misteress Evilan alongside Epistolary Durzu took it upon themselves to make the Maleficent Scars pay for their crimes.

What would follow was a slaughter. Alpha Legionnaire and Scar Brother corpses would litter the streets of Avlen Primus, with their blood taking over the only sea the planet ever had. Though many would perish on the hunt, many others would be dealt blows whose stories were worth telling. After what would seem like years, the Maleficent Scars finally drove the Lost Sons off of Avlen Primus. However, the trace of Epistolary Durzu and Mistress Evilan had ran cold and they had to begin their search again. They searched the homes, the streets, the cities, the spires and the hives of Avlen Primus until they reached one of the underground cemeteries.

There they found the treacherous Epistolary Durzu and the corrupt Mistress Evilan, sleeping together next to a pile of aged skulls. They had been sleeping there in peace ever since they believed that the Maleficent Scars had paid for their crimes and should be left alone. However, Maleficent Scars were never ones to take such things as mercy or backing down lightly.

Believing the two escapists to be insulting the Maleficent Scars, Gulgorb Uritalis killed both of them in their sleep and thus ended the Hunt for Durzu.

Chapter Gene-Seed

The Imperial Fists' gene-seed is very stable and has never exhibited signs of mutation. However, over time they have lost the use of two of the special organs produced by the basic Astartes genetic template: the Betcher's Gland, which allows a Space Marine to produce poisonous/acidic spittle, and the Sus-an Membrane, which allows an Astartes to enter a state of suspended animation.

Another peculiar and unexplained quirk of the Chapter is the Imperial Fists' pathological need to scrimshaw the bones of their dead when off-duty. Scrimshaw is considered a solemn undertaking to the Astartes of this Chapter. It is seen as a way to practice mental discipline, focus, and attention to detail. Oftentimes the finished scrimshaws are worn as jewelry and ornamentation, particularly by the Chapter's officers. None know the roots of this practice, which for many Imperial Fists becomes an obsession they must indulge every hour they are not fighting or training. The bones of slain kin are engraved in minute detail, every surface lovingly covered in lines of devotional script and illuminated scenes depicting the deeds of the fallen. Even the bones of the Chapter's Primarch have been engraved in this manner, preserved as the most sacred relic the Chapter possesses.

The Iron Madness

A genetic deficiency that has haunted the Maleficent Scars since their founding.The Iron Madness takes over a Maleficent Scar when he comes to the conclusion that they are taking grievous casualties or when he is stuck in a hopeless last stand against the enemy. When a Maleficent Scar Marine is taken over by his Iron Madness, he will start to believe that he is an Imperial Fists Space Marine in his hopeless last stand against the Iron Warriors during the catastrophe known as the Iron Cage. Reborn into a world of fear, hopelessness and nothing else, these Marines will be gifted with a sickening level of resilience as long as they are under the effects of the Iron Madness. If a Maleficent Scar is to survive suffering through the Iron Madness, he will be nothing more than a shattered man. These tired and afraid warriors will then be taken in by the Chapter's Chaplaincy and given two options: Undergo a spiritual treatment that will cure them of their fears but will still leave them open to suffer the Iron Madness, or be given the Emperor's Peace.

Though the details of the spiritual treatment are unknown, reports indicate that some of the Maleficent Scars who underwent the treatment come out worse than ever and are forced to take the Emperor's Peace for being unfit to serve.

Chapter Beliefs

All observations of Maleficent Scars behavior have observed them to be very scornful, masochistic superstitious yet interestingly focused and vigorous warriors. Though their superstitious nature goes against what the Praetorian of Terra wants his sons to be, many believe that their focused and vigorous nature is more than enough to make up for this error. The Maleficent Scars bear great respect for Imperial authority and, most importantly, their God Emperor of Mankind. And those who would even dare think of standing against Him and His servants, no matter who they may be, will find the ever-vigorous Maleficent Scars at their doorstep.

Maleficent Scars have a Knight Templar-esque nature as they believe themselves to be the epitome of righteousness and one of the few who should be allowed to dictate what is a crime and what isn't. This behavior is expressed in great detail whenever they are against any humans rebelling against the Imperium for their sickeningly cruel nature towards the Emperor's mortal servant. When they go up against such humans, they will be quick to declare them irredeemably corrupt and wipe all of them out without listening to "the petty squabbles they call logic and arguments."

The superstitious nature of the Maleficent Scars is also expressed greatly in their Chapter symbol, the Homo Contritum, a late Brother Chaplain of the Maleficent Scars who was destined to come back in their darkest hour to save the Maleficent Scars from extinction. Though the current Maleficent Scars have completely forgotten who the man was, they still believe him to be their future savior and martyr.

Chapter Organisation

Chapter Command

Maleficent Scars Icon
Scar Lord Gulborg Uritalis, Master of the Maleficent Scars, The Scar Collector
Lord Shehid, The Brigand (Chapter Champion)
10-man Kapikulu Squad (Personal Honor Guard of the High Scar Lord)
Chapter Equerries
Serfs & Servitors
Apothecarion Reclusiam Librarius
Winged Prime Helix
Lord Apothecary Bahtsiz , The Scarred Path
22 Apothecaries
Reclusium Icon
Lord Chaplain Nizami, Master of Sanctity
14 Chaplains
Librarius Icon
Chief Librarian Aktas Aydan, Lord of Hellfire
6 Epistolaries
11 Codiciers
9 Lexicanium
5 Acolytum
Fleet Command Logisticiam Armoury
Brother Kapudan, Master of the Fleet
1 Vengeance-class Grand Cruiser (Holy Athame)
2 Battle Barges (Mars-Class Undying Faith and Overlord-Class Dorn's Blood)
8 Strike Cruisers
12 Rapid Strike Vessels
40 Thunderhawk Gunships
6 Thunderhawk Transports
Brother Humâyûn, Lord of Holy Athame
850 Chapter Equerries and Servitors
Machina Opus Techmarine
Brother Khan Ghazi, Master of the Forge
35 Techmarines
110 Servitors
36 Predators
5 Vindicators
8 Whirlwinds
25 Land Raiders
46 Stormraven Gunships


Veteran Companies Battle Companies
1st Company 2nd Company 3rd Company 4th Company 5th Company
Maleficent Scars Icon
"Her Crimson Red Dress"
Scar Captain Baskurt Arikan, The Fist of Dorn
Company Champion
100 Kazasker Marines (Terminators, Vanguard and Sternguard Veterans)
6 Dreadnoughts
Maleficent Scars Icon
"The Faithful"
Scar Captain Yoruc Demirbas, Master of the Watch
Company Champion
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
3 Dreadnoughts
Maleficent Scars Icon
"The Scarred Talons"
Scar Captain Basri Sarigul, Master of the Madness
Company Champion
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
3 Dreadnoughts
Maleficent Scars Icon
"Dorn's Darkness"
Scar Captain Demirtekin Kaba, Master of the Marches
Company Champion
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
4 Dreadnoughts
Maleficent Scars Icon
Scar Captain Akboga, Lord of Relics
Company Champion
6 Battleline Squads
2 Close Support Squads
2 Fire Support Squads
5 Dreadnoughts
Reserve Companies Scout Company
6th Company 7th Company 8th Company 9th Company 10th Company
Maleficent Scars Icon
"Sword and Fire"
Scar Captain Ceyhan, Master of Rites
Company Champion
10 Battleline Squads
5 Dreadnoughts
Maleficent Scars Icon
"Praetorian's Own"
Scar Captain Zephinos
Company Champion
10 Battleline Squads
2 Dreadnoughts
Maleficent Scars Icon
"Blades of Sigismund"
Scar Captain Alpertunga, Master of Blades
Company Champion
10 Close Support Squads
4 Dreadnoughts
Maleficent Scars Icon
"Hammers of Wrath"
Scar Captain Ilter, Master of Sieges
Company Champion
10 Fire Support Squads
4 Dreadnoughts
Maleficent Scars Icon
"The Fanatics"
Scar Captain Tolunay Melchios, Master of Recruits
Company Champion
10 Scout and Reiver Squads (Combined)
70 Unassigned Scarless Kinsman (Neophytes)

Specialists Formations

Kapikulu Squad: Led by none other than Scar Lord Gulborg Uritalis, Kapikulu Squad is the pride of the Maleficent Scars, sporting the most scarred armor next to their master. Tasked with the protection of the Scar Lord, they follow their master everywhere he goes, their attack usually directed at the ones who threatened his existence the most. They, alongside their Scar Lord, are the only ones within the Maleficent Scars to use Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armor, relying on the resilience this gave them to smash aside any resistance and close in for the kill.

Master of the Madness: A title given to the Second Scar Captain of the Chapter, Master of the Madness is tasked with forwarding all brothers inflicted with the Iron Madness to the Apothecarion.

Deathwatch Service

Though very rarely, Maleficent Scars Astartes can be seen serving in the Deathwatch as a part of the average Deathwatch Kill-Team.

Most Maleficent Scars are inducted into the Deathwatch for their knowledge in destroying enemy leadership, a trait which helps in fights against the vile Orks and Tyranids. Though many find being relied on quite tiresome, others enjoy the praise they get for their knowledge in such endeavours. Maleficent Scars can also act as demi-Chaplains if the Deathwatch Chaplain attached to their Kill-Team is killed in action thanks to their superstitious and vigorous nature.

Combat Doctrine

"You still foolishly consider yourself an entity free from The Empor's Wrath. I know better. And I. will. show you."
—Lord Chaplain Nizami

Maleficent Scars rely on a battle doctrine that puts heavy emphasis on their corporeal resilience and killing enemy leadership. While many would suggest the usage of heavy fortifications against foes like Chaos Warbands and Ork Waaaghs!, Maleficent Scars instead choose to take on their enemies head-on while being supported by their Fire Support and Close Support Squads. They act as an overwhelming, nigh-unstoppable force, preferably used to grind down the enemy until their leadership is exposed and can be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. 

Maleficent Scars, rather unusually for sons of Dorn, almost never rely on fortifications to win battles. They instead allow whatever allies they have in that battle to make use of all fortifications available as they march towards the enemy, using their fortified allies as additional fire support while doing so.

Every vehicle in the Maleficent Scars' disposal is utilized as anti-siege weaponry on most if not all occasions, though they also serve for the rare armored assault tactics Maleficent Scars may employ when the situation demands it. Because of this, their vehicles are armed with heavy anti-vehicle and anti-building weapons to take on all sorts of sieges.

Due to their orthodox, albeit unreliable, tactics the Maleficent Scars are looked upon as allies one can truly rely on in their darkest times.

Notable Maleficent Scars

Lord Chaplain Homo Contritum: His real name lost in time, Homo Contritum was the late first Lord Chaplain of the Maleficent Scars. Most information related to this man is lost to the current Maleficent Scars. The only well-documented information about the first Lord Chaplain of the Maleficent Scars is nothing but prophecies and falsehoods Maleficent Scars themselves fabricated. It is said that the death of Homo Contritum was so great that it set ablaze the planet he died on, killing all hostiles that walked it in the process. Maleficent Scars still believe that he will return to them on Mankind's darkest hour to lead the Maleficent Scars for their final crusade against the enemies of man.

Lord Shedid:

Scars champion

Lord Shedid, The Brigand.

"No. You don't understand. I've been dead for 135 years. Today is the day I live."
—Veteran Sergeant Shedid, prior to being promoted to Chapter Champion

Lord Shedid is the current Chapter Champion of the Maleficent Scars. Recruited when he was a young, yet hopeless, Avlenian Warrior, Shedid was promoted to the rank of Veteran Sergeant of 4th Kazasker Squad after serving the Chapter for 135 years. He would later be promoted to his current position of Chapter Champion after banishing a Slaaneshi Daemon Prince claiming to be Homo Contritum himself, resurrected by the dark gods to convert the Maleficent Scars to Chaos.  

Shedid is rather focused on his work and rarely speaks about anything that isn't glorious battle or tactics. Whenever he meets a new Battle Brother, he changes his expression and acts very kindly, in order to gain his trust. However, he'll act naturally in front of people who already know his real self, like his fellow Kapikulu Squad Members and Gulborg Uritalis.

He gets annoyed easily, especially by Lord Chaplain Nizami, and his energetic and inquisitive tendencies.

Chapter Fleet

  • Holy Athame (Vengance-Class Grand Cruiser) - Flagship of the Maleficent Scars Chapter.
  • Undying Faith (Mars-Class Battle Barge)
  • Dorn's Blood (Overlord-Class Battle Barge)
  • Holy Death (Strike Cruiser)
  • Dying Light (Strike Cruiser)
  • Contempt of Steel (Strike Cruiser)
  • The Vigilant Fist (Strike Cruiser)
  • Hell Raiser (Strike Cruiser)
  • Blowout (Strike Cruiser)
  • The Twisted Blade (Strike Cruiser)
  • The Faithful Brawler (Strike Cruiser)

Chapter Relics

Fist of Contritum: A Crozius Arcanum said to be held by the legendary prophet Homo Contritum himself, currently held by Lord Chaplain Nizami.

Giteata's Demise: A Power Fist used to kill one of the greatest enemies of the Maleficent Scars, Warboss Giteata. Currently on display as a great relic in the Chapter's Reclusiam.

Conqueror's Blade: Said to be a weapon crafted for Rogal Dorn himself, this Power Sword is an ancient relic of a thousand battlefields. The magnificent crafter of this Power Sword is lost to time, but this holy relic of the Chapter has been in their service for more than four thousand years. The Conqueror's Blade owes it's name to the title of the first Scar Lord to carry it, Scar Lord Zorbey Fisek The Conqueror, who is said to have conquered no less than 300 worlds during his time as a Scar Lord. Currently held by Scar Lord Gulborg Uritalis.

Notable Quotes

By the Maleficent Scars

"My every step sanctifies this unholy earth!"
—A Maleficent Scars Scar Brother, during the Hunt for Durzu
"Ah, yes! I know the Chapter you speak of, Scar Brother! They are none other than the Ashen Knights, proud sons of Vulkan! I envy them, I do. They weren't given the comfortable and quite pleasing number of a thousand Battle Brothers but instead started with no more than fourty, yet they still raised more than a thousand Marines in record time! Before our founding in fact, can you believe that? Of course my lips let out more praise to the Black Templars, the Imperial Fists and, our Primarch, Rogal Dorn but I still praise the Ashen Knights nevertheless."
—Lord Shedid, to a new Scar Brother.

About the Maleficent Scars

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"Where they lack in, ehm, subtlety with their internal practices, the Maleficient Scars are ever efficient in their duties. If only their for pain were not so inflated."
—Gavrin Pulvis, Chief Librarian of the Ashen Knights