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The Sacarelic Dynasty is a Necron dynasty structure. Having appeared all across the northern part of the Ultima Segmentum. It appears to be split up in several organizations known as Foundations. These foundations are each having fielded forces the size of a planetary population and will employ their own tactics during combat.

The dynasty's goal appears to attack agri-worlds and raid supply lines. Yet after the opening of the great rift it has become dangerously more active and not even Hive worlds or fortress worlds are safe from its genocidal agenda.

Lead by a Phaeron equally as murderous and relentless as he is effecient. Sending the foundations out to perform their duties to rebuild their home world. The mobile planet known as the Sacarelica of wich the dynasty is named after.

The power of the dynasty is shattered yet as the years pass more Necrons awaken in the cold crypts of the world engine in the darkness between stars where the Sacarelica resides.


In the darkness of the 41st Millennium, horrors from an ancient past, in an age before time was time, as we know it. Something terrible has returned to haunt the galaxy, but while there are many that will bring both death and fear in its own ways there are horrors older and far more imminent, that had the elder civilization that ruled the galaxy once cowering. Their tombs stain the countless worlds. While most of the young races live an existence of ignorance to the threat resting beneath them, the threat is no less real trying to hide it.

There were gods of the material plane, masters of power that has roots in the foundation of reality. Writing and changing the laws of nature, bending the fabric of this reality to their will, technology that no man could imagine without otherworldly guidance. These masters are returning to claim what is theirs. Their rightful places now home to the younger races. They would in their arrogance defy them.

Arrogance that will not shield them from the future but only their own inability to cope with the scale of the threats that will destroy them one way or another.

They are the Necrons, they saw the beginning of the great wars and they were primarchs of an age where man had not even been conceived by evolution, they started the end of the Old ones that once ruled the galaxy. Leaving them to take shelter for 60 million years as the lesser races took over the galaxy scarred from the wars that shocked the foundation of creation.

The Eldar fear them, the Orks are too unthinking to consider anything they cannot see. The Humans and Tau does simply not understand what they are witnessing. One sees a possible ally. The other tend to meaningless aggression that will but delay the inevitable, believing in their faith that destroying them is an option.

The forces of chaos with their blind madness may be the greatest threat safe for the Tyranids that would consume the galaxy. Yet the Necron worlds will live on either slumbering or awaken to combat the hive mind and the warp spawned agents.

For when all life will be gone, only the metal and the tombs will remain. Thus, necron supremacy is certain in the span of time. Many believe the end of times are the end of the galaxy yet the galaxy is indestructible, the eye of terror deathless stare into the real world was kept at bay with but a few pebbles of rock on which is constructed pylons of necron design. And while races may end. The stars are born and die. Over a span unimaginable to that of a single being with a single life. A hundred years or a thousand. Such amounts of time are nothing but a blink of a moment that the universe itself would not remember.

They are the legions of the past and the future; they were the ones that claimed the stars. whiles the living are slaves to ideology, leaders or gods, while they slaved theirs.

Fate has no claim on them, for they walk outside the realm of life and death. The path of metal is eternal; the ways of flesh is fleeting. Death is inevitable and so are their supremacy.

The Sacarelic Dynasty

In ages past, when the earth was young. The Necrontyr ruled a galaxy much different from what we will know today. Intergalactic geological crusades had yet to unfold and allow the mammals of today to evolve, Dynasties under the rule of the Silent king and the material gods known as the C'tan terrorized the galaxy with the Great War in heaven. Many necrontyr were birthed and breed to become Necron.

Amongst them were the Sacarelica, a world that much like others share the necrons hardwired pride and ancient power that rests just below the worlds of mortals. One amongst them, a young phaeron would come to shape the outcome of the war.

He had been tasked with the eradication off all life to secure necron dominance. With the Crown of his dynasty on his pale adamant masked head his ancient will spread through the Dynasty anew as their will is now his.

Ancient tombs rises to heed the call. To honor their duty to their supreme overlord, but the basic instinct that wakes them from their ancient sleep is the undying determination to see the Galaxy once again be held by necron hands.

A task that might as well correlate with the Exterminators ancient goal.

Notable Encounters

The analysis of certain xenos incursions emerging from the below the surface of a sizeable number of planets across Ultima Segmentum has painted a most frightening picture as new information comes to light.

Most of these uprisings are all short, as the planets are all seemingly left abandoned shortly after all life on the surface has been destroyed, but any attempts at reclaiming the planets have proven faulty as the lifespan of settlers are unnaturally short.

No major ruins remain when these planets are reached again, and the distinct pattern of the xenos known by the inquisition to be classified as Necrons can be confirmed by surviving astropathic messengers. Yet as more data is gathered it is becoming more and more clear that an alarmingly large number of these events are indeed connected.

Several figures have been identified amongst different locations of these uprisings, but one of them appear to be the most prominent: a necron overlord. Several of these are old incidents from as early as the 34st millennium, but records recovered from the Great Crusade also depict a singular report of a necron carrying the same marks and insignias as the aforementioned Overlord.

A group of Emperor’s Children were once deployed to a lost world with a human population. However, when they made planetfall to open negotiations, they found the world left hollow, as the population had fallen to the what was classified as a Xenos plague. Their bodies appeared thin and frail, drained of all liquids and sentience, but when provoked they became hostile. The Arstartes quickly dispatched them, but the horde appeared to fade away in a flash of green light when damaged. A singular figure was spotted by the Astartes, with several of their accounts and descriptions matching that of this same overlord, to a degree that defies mere coincidence.

For the next several thousand years, Imperial records only note this overlord's presence in small skirmishes on agri-worlds, though the worlds in question would be rendered sterile soon after, and a symbol matching what the Ordo Xenos presumes to be his dynastic insignia would be burned into the planet somewhere it would be visible from orbit. Over time necron lords and crypteks would appear at his side, and soon encounters with just these lords and crypteks, in the overlord's absence, would follow the same pattern.

The necrons conducting these attacks share several aesthetic features, such characteristic lines drawn from the eyes down to their mouths, giving them the appearance of a grin when looking directly at their pale death masks. Their gauss weapons are an emerald green, and they all bear red patterns on their bodyworks. This uniform appearance strongly suggests a connection, despite being found spread so far from one another.

Their tactics are not nearly as uniform as their appearance; however, the outcome is always the same: total eradication of all life and signs of life, and sterile worlds left by their wake.

These shock attacks appear to focus on Imperial supply lines and food sources. Yet it would seem that another xenos race, the Aeldari, also come into frequent conflict with them, as several battles between them have been recorded. The Ordo Xenos assumes there is some ancient rivalry between them. A squad of deathwatch once interrogated a Aeldari survivor of one of these conflicts, and managed to extract one phrase from the prisoner before it expired --

“The fire that leaves no ashes”

The latest sighting was on the world of Corvus IV. While the great rift was still opening, the Necrons transmitted a message apparently from their leader. It goes as following: “Behold the might of I, Zeetheranok, the Last of the Great Exterminators, Phaeron of the Sacarelic Dynasty!”

When this declaration was compared to previous uprisings, where associated necron lords have been detected, the pattern becomes clear; these slumbering worlds are only momentary resting places. As they stretch from the Northern part of the galaxy to the most eastern part of Ultima Segmentum, and a Dynasty that size is not likely to have survived on only these isolated worlds, their true homeworld remains a mystery, but one clue exists.

References have been revealed, though translations by the Mechanicus of an Aeldari script, to a strange phenomenon known as a “wandering world, drawing black lines between the stars” This potentially indicates a great tomb ship, or some other kind of superstructure, as witness accounts from Corvus hint at the night sky becoming black and devoid of stars, and the appearance of a mysterious glyph. Records found of Corvus picked up by a Rogue Trader seem to suggest that entire planets have vanished, and Imperial records confirm that the Corvus system did indeed contain four worlds with an imperial presence. However, the system is now completely lifeless and barren, with only three out of the original four worlds the records mention remaining—its mining world has simply and suddenly vanished, with no debris or other traces remaining, save for some mining equipment, corpses in the thousands and most mysteriously: the capital spire found floating in space., All of this was bleached clean of colour and life as if exposed to a great fire.

This suggests that the Necrons of the Sacarelica have some kind of superstructure that large enough to house the mass of an entire planet.

Reports suggest that more worlds have been subjected to this sudden sterilisation--mostly agri worlds and jungle worlds but some Hive worlds are also subjected to this fate.

Recently, a world thought lost to the Tau suffered a similar fate. The last sermon of a local preacher was transmitted and picked up by imperial navy astropath, referring to dark crypts beneath the planet's surface, almost suggested the taint of Chaos, yet what the Tau unleashed as they investigated the planet seems to suggest the exact opposite. As of this record, the planet is now barren, with pylons suddenly appearing on the surface where there were clearly none before, bearing the presumed insignia of the Sacarelic Dynasty.

A forge world had successfully warded off these invaders and had recovered several Necron relics. Yet despite their best attempts the undead metal resisted their inspections. Whether the local inquisition force called in a psyker or the mechanicus did so nobody knows.

A he was summoned in to look at what psychic impulses the xenos artefact might hold. Maybe some impulse left could shine some light on this mysterious force. The Efforts concluded that it indeed held some memories from its use but it was not the wielders memories.

The report tells of the psyker being carried away. As spasms had ceased his body and terrifying crys. Phantoms pains tore at his soul. Something certainly had gotten to him. When he had recovered he told stories of what he saw and they would to this day remind me of what fate must have meet those that had encountered the creatures.

The memory visibly troubled him as he seemed distant and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, being haunted by horrific nightmares. What he told was the tales of death. Deaths of billions of creatures. Psychic memories of entire races recorded in this weapon but locked away by the old dead metal. Thousands of lifetimes of bloodshed, every voice crying out as their final moments came, delivered by this gauntlet. The gauntlet’s owner had maybe not troubled mankind but throughout the time he had went unrecorded, It had set other races to the torch. With each surgical stab slowly pushing them across the edge of extinction. There were rumours of sudden disappearances of xenos races. And put into the light of recent events the implications begin to display the terrible implications. More days of rest came to the psyker, and each one tore at him harder than the one before, as the nightmares increased, and was moved him to another facility in orbit where he began talking again. He told of great firestorms. Aeons of war. And the very memory of these revelations drove him further towards despair. For while he had only glimpsed parts of the gauntlets history. The memories were fragmented and often broken for he did indeed only seen half, he kept mentioning the other gauntlet. He said there was another one.

The Gaunlet was studied closer and not only the psyker grew vary. The mechanicus crew had reported mysterious "errors" as it would seem their systems began to malfunction. The Machine spirits did not approve of this Xenos artefact and wanted it destroyed but so far they had been unable to do so. Had they but done so sooner for the week after another Necron invasion came this one with an overwhelming amount of force. Again lead by Zeetheranok if reports are to be trusted.

The planet too shared the fate of the agricultural worlds before it. The necron assault would destroy the world. The patterns become clear.

Yet the most remarkable incident still remains. It carried a Transcript from the necron. A warning. Several of these were sent out to specific worlds. Small cubes of gold that would deliver a message. The device had been given to several planetary governors that would find this appear close to them. A transcript has been recorded. But tells little new. Except that several actions are being taken to secure some kind of grand future. A promise of a world free of chaos. All world had reported a Necron presence but avoided major cities.

Major pylons had been constructed overnight. Records suggest their design are like those that once stood on Cadia. The pylons were isolated and had some strange purpose and while several was attempted destruction. Little avail had come from it.

One stands out as it would seem that the Necrons had remained to construct a large construction, They had been contacted.

A singular person was picked up. Said to have spoken to a lord. It was revealed to be true.

It was an old man on the edge of his life. A Planetary defence general called Maxwell. He said that in his other years he had encountered the Sacarelic Dynasty. On a small world on the fringe of the Imperium.

He told stories of their tactics and their strange stratagems. How he had lead his forces in a planetary war . He had requested reinforcements but non came. In the end he was forced to abandon the planet. Years spend fighting this force.

He finally mentioned a sketch. Something that would have haunted him in the darkest parts of night. The sketch was a crude work of an old man with shaking hands and little artistic ability. But the outline was clear.

Confirmed Encounters

The Carvus Incident

The Carvus System is found scoured clean of life. All signs of life in the entire system has gone. Records recovered suggest that the Sacarelic was behind it.

The Shadow over the Sun

The Tau Invades an Imperial world. Yet when Victory is at hand the Tau minies breach barriers set by the Inquisition. These barriers appear from be from before the Tau empire. Before even Empire of mankind. The Tau not understanding the malign implications penetrade the defences only to release doom upon themselves

The Decontia Reclamation

The necrons of the Decontia foundation finds their homeworld in conclict with the tau and the humans and decends there with legions of tomb blades and warriors to reclaim their world. it is a stalemate until that the necrons recive reenforcements of the Krome foundation.

The Fall of Titans.

in an attempt at holding back the stormlord of the sauntekh dynasty mighty titans are deployed. The Legio Titanicus towering across the battlefeild assualting the Necrons defensive positions and after several weeks of seige the necrons are about to give in losing the system.

yet with the timely intervention of The Sacarelic dynasty Zeetheranok leading the charge himself the Sacarelic dynasty decends from the skys. The Titans are rendered useless as the Sacarelic legions assualt them from above. Boarding the machine gods most mighty servants.

Structure of the Sacarelic Dynasty

In the Heart of The Tomb

The first foundation of the Sacarelica is that of the lesser nobility guarding the royal family. Their origin dates back to the very first colonizers that set down on the planet that housed the Sacarelic Dynasty. While they are but a united force they also act as escorts and frontline protectors to the other foundations, their duty anything but forgotten.

All while not all Lychguards come from this foundation most does, All that does are the most elite of the Sacarelicans loyal to Tyrraknokh. The nobility of the Sacarelica was not given much of their posture back as the biotransferances secured their will. Instead they were offered to do so should they be loyal to the end Tyrraknokh instead bound them to his personal guard, as they would retain much of their personal stature and power but voiceless against the royal line they serve to eternity. The most elite of Royal guards has even been upgraded to a statue that would only suit a lord. These Guardian lords are serving the royal throne but with the departure of both Ceealhnok and Zeetheranoks lacks of self preservation he has set them to guard the royal tombs and palaces.

They reside all across the Sacarelica but their primary hold lies in the outer ring of the Royal palace. Guarding royalty and their charges as close to the mayneth inner ring and the Royal palace. Their roads patrolled by the canopteks of their sigel.

Not everyone is a lych guard but instead lords equipped with shield and sword to enact the duty to their lords and overlords.

The people of Kul-ateh that were pushed off their world by the expanding sautekh Dynasty brought their food resources with them allowing the acid oceans of the Sacarelica to be inhabited, along with a great many cattle to supply a growing population. Their contribution held a once fragile economy into a thriving empire of trade. Bringing others to share their interest. From the depths of space the nebula wanders known as the Decontia clan emerged. Drawn to the Sacarelica by the possibilities and promises of trade Their ships and navigational skills allowed the Sacarelic ships to reach new lengths and expanded their range for trade and opportunity. From this new range they found many craftsmen and skilled weapon smiths along with their cryptek cohorts, that found work within the Sacarelic, as the riches of trade attracted customers that could pay. In the end Ceealhnok saw a benefit of having them organized into groups that would compete for the greatest price advancing their potential further. They came to be known by the name of Granekth, The cryptek that crafted Ceealhnoks spear.

Ceealhnok, knew that this kind of success would result in envy of the other dynasties and prepared to organize 2 other organisations one being the internal knowledge network that was lead by his partner Mag’anek, they would act as counter spies and keep an eye out for eventual threats from the inside.

The outside threats required a great standing force and while the Individual foundations had guards and sentinels to ensure security there was little overall coherence between the few already existing forces.

The Krome was formed by the experienced warriors of the Dynasty's already trained soldiers. Their main purpose was to protect against any threats spotted within the system.

The new creation of these formations required greater attention and the Mag’anek watches could keep track of a great many things but the overall administration was left to Ceealhnok.

Knowing he would be needed else where he ordered his most trusted advisers to advise and control the newly shaped foundations, they would later evolve into a foundation themselves as their ways of conduct was in fact pure in intention. As corruption was vanquished by the tip of Turak’ nuks Scythe. Mag’anek proved a perfect counterbalance towards the Ge’enakar that now would control the conduct of the systems.

As the Krome foundation grew to expect external forces, Mag’anek pushed to get an internal force on the sacarelica that would be able to enforce the will of security, Gathering the necessary forces of the they birthed the defensive experts from the elder of the ranks of soldiers. They became a police force that would originally act under the instructions of the mag’anek but soon expanded their cooperation with the Krome. The Santokh became vital in defending the Sacarelica worlds as their expertise was much needed.

As technology became more advanced and different as the trading was not equal on each world a lot of Crypteks bundled together out of common interest to present a solution to this problem, as the Granekth could benefit from this too as their understanding of the technology improved too. This became a much larger operation than first expected as the crypteks required their own forces to protect and acquire new technology, to reverse engineer. Cakths that founded the foundation also made the conclave of the Crypteks that allowed all crypteks in the dynasty to contribute with their own inventions and solutions.

For the longest time the empire had been ruled from the seat of the scorched world of the Sacarelica but the planets seismic activity and volcanic eruptions complicated life there, instead they were a blessing in disguise as a team of the Onukath founders had begun extracting great amounts of precious materials from the flows of molten lava. This foundation grew to not just filter the metals but also excavating it. They would be known for their fondness of the underground as they dug ever deeper.

The krome had been reworked many times over in the past many years of its existence but they were ultimately hindered by their size at this point. For it to move it had to go though the Ge’enakar and, Santokh leaders agreed that a better defence required a faster response than the krome could offer.As the need for a much faster force was noticed Nytherakh demanded a response from Ceelanok and had him convinced.

The nyth was the first to employ the early Tomb Blades. And thous proved vital in advacning-

Structure and Organisation

The world that awoke Individual leaders divided into foundations that control each aspect of the dynasty. Chief amongst them are the Krome, the primary military force. Lead by the cruel and cunning Dunkel that would see the Dynasty Borders expand. The benevolent Mayneth that served as an extension of nobility hands.

The Onukath

The Onukath that is the masters of excavation and tunnel warfare.

The Resakat

The Resakat that with it’s ambitious architects and engineers would see the world around them as a Canvas for their buildings and mighty constructions. The Star gazing Decontia foundation, the Grim Nubis and many more.

The Royal Court

The Royal court contains over 20 members. One from each foundation, and while all in the Age of reawakening they strive to gain the phaerons favor to gain more power to resurrect their own foundation.

Barthok of the Mayneth, High Chronomancer holds the most influence as she is the right hand of the Phaeron. Her knowledge of time and space allows her to see things other cannot, a set of skills undoubted by any. Though she rarely intervenes she holds power she does never ever ask for. And many has pushed to replace her.

Chief amongst those are Akanleanok, Zeetheranok’s sister, leader of the Royal guardians by title only. Originally, she would have the throne instead of Zeetheranok but in a cruel twist of fate, the bio transference came, and immortality put her in a hiatus where she was next in line and would never rule.

When their father disappeared, a will from the time of flesh was found and it said that he discarded Akanleanok as the heir and instead was his only son to take the throne.

Robbed twice of the ability to lead the Dynasty to her vision she had challenged her brother for the throne but despite her skill and expertise she had never succeeded in reclaiming her legacy. She had gained sympathizers as the Will of ceealhnok was discussed amongst those that knew it’s meaning. Chief of her supporters are the Krome Foundation that agrees with her more aggressive policies against border expansion and not the headless chase of ancient enemies.

Hidden beneath the covers of a veil of time Telokeer prey on the weak-minded and plays his own games with the mortals of the new living world. Acting not only on behalf of the Dynasty but his own misleading agendas. Yet he is bound to the dynasty, With him His sister. The assassin Hikeer Assist her brother in his misdoings amongst the living. The Death mark roam Hyperspace challenging her skills ever more.

The Creation of the Sacarelica (Production World)

The Sacarelica itself is a superstructure that has hidden in the space between stars. Crafted in ages past by the necrontyr to honor the C'tan. Yet it remains damaged by the tooth of time. The repairs of the world engine have been underway. For the last 4000 years. The World had drifted aimlessly in space between the stars at sub light speeds during the Great sleep.

The Foundations are widely different parts of the reawakened legions of the Sacarelic Dynasty and works best when some of the overlords commands them as they know their strengths and weaknesses.

Notable Sacarelic Dynasty Members

The Royal guardians

Heretus, First Nemesor of the Royal Guards

The direct line between royalty and the royal guardians. He interacts with the Mayneth and the Sauntekh to secure the security as a whole. While this may not be entirly of duty in truth he enjoys the power he holds in his hands. Furiously loyal to the royal bloodline he enacts his duty with some pride not unearned but also a person that does not care for the wills of his lords, but more their safety. He has spoken out loud more times than he should against both Tyrranok and Ceealnok in their time but has as of late given up his position as varguard to a Mayneth cryptek no less. His pride wounded if not devastated, his anger hidden only by his strong sense of duty he supports Akanleanok in her political endeavors to return to power

Arkimedon, Cryptek of the Royal Guardian

The Old cryptek that saw to the Royal guardians weapons and systems now is a retired member of the dynasty yet his wisdom is called upon shortly before the Bio transerance and had his body transfered. While he sees this a great honour he might be the only one that realizes the truth of his actual enslavement.

Akanleanok, The Mad Sister

Aeons of hatred has left the mad sister no less bitter over her birthright taken from her by her brother, yet would rather play along Zeetheranoks tune long enough to get another chance at ruling. Often gathering the Sacarelic destroyers under her she rules the primary destroyer cult of the Sacarelica.

While the other Destroyer lords does so out of Nihilisme Akane’lea is doing so out of hardwired hated towards her brother. Heretus had offered her a seat in the

Kulateh, The Masters of the Deep

The neighbour world to the Sacarelica, they did in mostly fishing and capturing creatures. They were the first to join the Sacarelica’s trade routes and decided on being a part of the Sacarelic Dynasty as their own planet got taken over by another dynasty. Chasing them of their home to flee to the Sacarelica. Bringing with them excotic scources of food production and combat styles unlike that of the Sacarelica.

In the time of flesh they used old fisher nets and rods of unremarkable strength into battle they will immobilize enemy infantry with them trying to make their fate easier to settle, preferring ambushing their prey. They also provided many of the supplies to the people of the Sacarelica. They took to battle preferring capturing their enemies at a disadvantage and would know how to do so.

In the battles against the living the Kulateh forces will appear out of nowhere and relentlessly continue their assault. Even in the forms of Necrons they still carry the knives they used to cut open the spawn of the dark ocean and their edge dispose of other creatures equal ease. These instincts lies so deep tangled with the code of their protocols that they will still carry nets of ancient origin that will entangle their opponent in close combat.

Ophiuchus, Master of the Kulateh

A Necron of principles, cherishing the successful hunts yet looks at the Teraan with disgust. Killing should not be done unless no other choice is possible. Yet he finds the Phaerons philosophy troubling and has doubts about what to do. His Bonded partner of Cepheus keeps his mind focused.

Olyssus, Representative of the Santokh

Mostly using the Santokh influences to draw influence on how things works. Sadly after the Kulateh foundation is not serving much purpose he trades power nodes for forces of the Kulateh that assists the Santhok. But he knows he needs more support to restore his foundation. He servers Zeetehranok but Akanleanoks the mad sister have given him interesting promises.

Cepheus, Bonded-partner of Ophiuchus, Cryptek

The Calm and often mistaken for non sentient Cepheus has a calm mind and while the emotions of this Cryptek are long forgotten there lies a deep under a veil of silence. Sub radiant waves keep everyone else with a silent if not monotone hum.

The Assualt of the Deep
The Master moved. The enemy lines was modeled by him and for each time he cut one down another 10 came. Yet he was relentless. His technice precise and trained over the aeons passed into protocol and perfected to the point of allowing him to become a whirling maelstrom of phase blaes and metal.

Ophiuchus moved faster on. his body weathering the assaults of the lesser creatures and their primitive projectile weapons did little to his body immortalized.

He swung his War scythes around him like they had been his own hands. His Strength was immense. And the two extra arms flaunted a pair of hyperphase swords for him to parry and punish the enemy should they over extend. He was freed from the horde by murderous blasts of his warhost, as they joined the ambush. Few seconds had passed despite his entrance and he counted the impacts on which he toyed with their fleshy forms. Yet he found the leaders had not been trained for one such ambush.

Decontia - The Nebula Wanderers

The Nomads of Decontia, they were originally a small fleet travelling the galaxy yet became a solid addition to the Sacarelic fleet as they made the Sacarelica their home. They easily became the local traders and added their trading routes to the Sacarelica’s that provided the Sacarelica with plenty of income of the goods of the Necrontyr empire.

They cooperated with the Bekath foundation that would come long after the founding of the Decontians that were the first to settle from outside the Sacarelicans. Their fleet were made with both the wonders of the Resacat and Granekth technology and stood as a milestone for the cooperation of the 2 legions.

In the battles against the living the Decontia deploy direct and simple attacks taking what they want and know exactly where to find it. They make for great scouts and may rival Nyth’s usage of tomb blades in their arsenal. The Nebula scopes that they so fondly deploy were once used to to guide their proud ships across the stars. Now the scopes and star light is put aside for complex combat insight.

They reclaimed their homeworld of wich they were driven from in the wars of succession. the battle was only won with the support from the Krome foundation.

Eyes of the void
The shadow seer jumped impossible distances, danced across dorment monoliths and black obelisks rising thousands of meters into the abyssal void above them. The deadly cold would kill them should they stand still to long, And the metal eyed them with with it’s dark soulless essence.

The Null Field generator had been scryed to be close. But the Veil of the anti void clouded the mind. If they could destroy it the Sacarelica would be revealed to the wider world. and Then allow for its destruction.

The Necrons would surely give chase and the troupe of harlequin trespassed the surface of the corpse world. the first necrons had been confused by their holofields. The cloaking devices hiding their true form, allowed them to travel undetected.

They had moved deep into the world now and would not be forced to enter the damned catacombs. Even in the Null the essence of death hang tight to this place. The Dying breath of thousands clung to the walls as desperate echos. The great architect and Monster Aposis had crafted these long ago for purposes far greater than that of simple misdirection.

Yet they meet something unexpected. A squad of Tomb blades had caught onto their trail and had spotted them. the scarabs swarmed after them. Their numbers greater than ever before. Yet they kept their distance.

Around the next bend they could lose the endless swarm. But they were meet by a squad of petty warriors. Their bodies inscripted with glyphs of star systems and small tokens of what they once were. The Troupe would not be bothered by these as they could in a few short jumps be clear of the warriors.

Yet the warriors had turned towards them and the Aeldari caught a glimpse of their empty soulless eyes. Their eyes were black. The empty gaze greedily consuming all that entered. And for a moment they realized then that their line of defence had been broken. Their dexterity provided now the only protection as their holosuits were nothing to the nebular wanders and while the harlequin troupe survived the first attack more and more Decontia warriors took their toll on the small collection of souls. Til there were non left.


The Decontia bear inscriptions of the ancient constellation of stars on their metal skin. The constellation of stars from aeons past. Their typography complex and coded and not known but to anyone but a few individuals outside the Decontia. Barthok being one but she has gained the blessing though her need of the Nebula spheres for her deviations of the stars. Another is Telokeer that always know more than he lets on.

Their secrets hidden well, and would take years to learn. aeons to master.

Charphos the seeker: Primary Scouts

Patrolling the skies around the Sacarelica. And gazes into the void for clues.

Detacorana - The high Cryptek of the Kulateh

Current rule of Decontia after her father that was dethroned by Dunkel of the Krome.

Tiacon, Star Seer

Tiacon looks for pattern for in the stars to tell the future- Has an Sphere for a head.

Granekth - The Forge of Wonder

Weaponsmiths that had worked in everything from volcanic furnaces, to the most humble ovens in back alleys weapon making from all across the galaxy. The Sacarelica provide a free and prosperous place for work to be found and made, with the Necrontyr short lifespan the collection were shared with the other smiths to creating the art were passed onto the sacarelican style. Also allowing them to bring their experimental weapons into combat on their own.

In the time of the machine their proud works has but been forgotten as they are always close by as their designs were spread across the galaxy. Often making replicas of already existing artifacts and selling them across the galaxy. Their rivals, the Resacat were settled though trying to make the most wondrous items that would allow them to gain the favor of the Phaeron.

Many of the relics that nobility wears has been made by the Granekth and their weapons and skill had rich currency in the galaxy at war. yet the Sacarelican ways are anything but forgotten as even the most simple warrior can be repurposed to forge the relics of old with efficiency rarely outdone.

The Forge of wonder lies in the outer ring close to the royal palace as their services are always required. Either by the mayneth or those others that would need the crafting of their weaponry.

Isetaruk - Overseer

Sadistic and often mistrusted, but most of all having a reputation for a cheating. While all these rumors might be true, one thing is for sure. His grasp of technology may allow him to know how to dismantle the workings of the lesser races and he does so.

Jasseka - The Seeking Inventor

Many consider the art of copying a result of poor creativity, but to Jasseka it is the greatest Tribute one can give. Eager to impress everyone and or anyone She carries the tools to reproduce almost any effect should an opportune moment come. Sadly her inventions rarely last longer than they need to before she realizes the flaws of her constructions only to return to her chambers pondering new ideas.

Maganek - The Watchers

The spys and watchmen of the Dynasty. In the time of flesh betrayal was everywhere and these most trusted formed the Maganek’lea foundation named after the first spymaster of the Dynasty. Maganek’lea that served her entire life under Turh’rak nokh. She passed away some time before the bio transference to the same disease that almost ceased Ceealhnok’s son at a young age later. Akanleanok had been named after Magane as an honour to the old spymaster but others speculate that there could be other reasons than just that.

The foundation continue their duty and their instinctive sensors has allowed them to detect intruders and dispatch of them before they become a threat. Their primary role lies in gathering information. On both enemies and friends. But they have been in constant competition with the Mayneth foundation to get information.

Krome - The Will made manifest

The war foundation they had their test in the War in heaven and always stood by Ceealhnoks side when battle called them.

They are the primary force to assault the enemy. In the war in heaven this legion suffered many losses, Ceealhnok is no more and the many immortals have been distributed to other worlds. yet they are re awakening.

The more aggressive Dunkel have taken the title of nemesor leading the campaigns of the Krome now.

While the Krome is the main force it is far from the only force to enter combat, they are often meet with supply of Sekt warriors, and nyth tomb blades. And is often forced to form spearheads for different foundations.

In a galaxy of war the quality of soldiers may be what decides a battle even before it begins. Amongst the armed forces of the Sacarelica the Necrons of the Krome foundation is the only foundation consisting of Immortals entirely. Their expertise and combat skill is the material of legend. Each immortal can draw on immense amounts of tactical data and would without the hesitation or doubt would do his lords bidding.

Dunkel now lead the krome legions across the worlds of the galaxy when the Sacarelic interests touch a planet the Krome is surely amongst the first to ensure Necron dominance.

The Krome are the spearhead of any Sacarelican army. Their bulk greater than most other sacarelic foundation and most necron in general.

Geenakar - The Administrators

The Geenarkar are the Administrative body of the Sacarelic. They oversee the use of the sacarelic ressources and not unthinkable of all the biotransference made them more efficient. Even their warriors are tools to calculate the complex mechanics of the machines of war.

Their greatest achievement are the preparations of the unexpected they are not secretive as the Maganek or the mayneth. They proudly run and protects of the great storages and massive complexes processing the needs of the Dynasty. Every detail recorded and logged into files to detailed for even most mortals to hold.

Santokh - The Protectors

The Santokh is the foundation set to protect local interests. Starting out as a policing force to work for the Maganek several of the court members gained the support to make them independent of the Maganek. Rarely leaving the Sacarelica. When awakened they were the first to return. Their world had held out against the Tyranids and the imperium before them. When called home Their cities rose to the stars to join the Sacarelica.

Great defensive fortresses and monolith complexes pattern the Sacarelica’s surface. Their defence forces combined with the Bekath efforts has secured the great world engine for eaons. Untold time later their defensive strategies and Resilience has remained. ithey developed armor from the Sacarelic obsidian A rich glass with natural adamantium infused.

Giving them their red colour that they now share with the rest of the world.

The Santhokh is not the first line of defence, or the last but they will be the greatest challenge if there ever were anyone to invade the world. They have been holding vital points on the sacarelica. Any way deeper into the crypts is guarded by legions of warriors and even in the crypts more Immortals are to be found. Tactical choke points and moving walls will box in any invader.

They are proud supporters of the isolation policy as they are recovering their former glory. And while the rebuilding is taking it’s toll on their ressources as they are accompanying Onukath and Tanakka. To claim or reclaim resources.

Trying to keep the Resakat great monuments defended. Their gauss pylons slowly rise to cover the outer surface once again. Obelisks are awakened and in their silent vigil they will stand far after every other civilisation has fallen.

Cakths - The Mechanics

In a race of machines, on a mechanical world. In a mechanical system. Where the Geenakar makes the wheels turn, the Cakths makes sure the wheel functions. While it is not to be misunderstood for they are the heart of the sacarelic but they are just as vital. The great war machines and constructs would fall should harm come to them. The Cakths maintain the all the machines. They house the Repair bays. The long central line running through the heart of the Sacarelic Their ghost arks bring repairs to the field of battle yet. For each battle it is taken up by the Cakths to repair and tend to the needs of the sacarelic warmachines. And in the time of rebuilding they were the most needed.

Onukath - The Ones Below

Nyth - The Spearhead

The Nyth were known as the daredevils of the Dynasty as they always did the tasks others did not consider sound of mind. Their reckless fast moving specialisme has made them the subject of much humor yet their dedication and quick thinking has often proved key in conflits. They will to better them has been unchanged no matter how many times they got knocked down. Taken from the athletic street artists and the more experienced speedmaniac veterans of the Krome foundation that had shown their desire to run directly into battle, this combat foundation had no problem dedicating them into missions that would be suicidal. But in their android forms they still strive without remorse into the ranks of the enemy pushing them so far back that other legions can arrive and get a foothold before the enemy even knew what hit them. Often acting as invading alien spaceships to swarm the ships by teleporting into the ships and clearing them out into mighty hulls.

The Nyth and the Krome always seems to have a special interaction as they would seem to see each other equal and the mixing of the 2 has never proven a problem as one could learn from the other.

Their use of Tomb blades for both void ground assaults make them highly mobile and each foundation benefit from the usage of these elements for if the Nyth arrive on a planet. The other foundations of the Sacarelica is soon to follow.

Res'akat - The Constructors

The Engineers of the Resakat were amongst the finest in the galaxy, only surpassed by that of those in the ancient past that now had gone. They build the giant temples and the amazing wonders of many of the Sacarelica dynasty's worlds. Derakus and them had close cooperation and together they build the stasis crypts and the sacarelica itself with the help from the C’tan. while in the wars of Succession raged the engineers fled the defensive structures of Resakat’s crown world to the more stable Sacarelic dynasty.

Their rivals with the Granekth foundation were settled though trying to make the most wondrous constructions and statues that would allow them to gain the favor of the Phaeron.

Tur’rak nok made sure that the 2 never got ahead of one another so that both would remain in active competition as it was in the interest of the Sacarelica that Constructions and wonders were rich.

Mayneth - The Servants

Said to be the legion named after the mate of the Tyrranok, a foundation that consisted of her servants and royal helpers. For in the time of flesh many servants, cooks and simple overseers existed. Such was the life of royalty that allowed the Sacarelic dynasty rulers to reign.

These were the former household servants that were granted access into this foundation allowing them to continue their highly privileged lifestyle and in turn safe from those that would look up at the the nobility. While the defensive endeavors would be done by the Royal guardians, even Mayneth were trained in deceptive and highly complex fighting styles.

They would also mingle with the other foundations for searching out candidates for the royal guardians. Mayneth herself would have them fashion the best of the best from all across the Dynasty and the trading routes could bring, some even receiving letters written by herself.

Later as the Dynasty grew so did the foundation into serving all of the nobility, Yet their loyalty belonged to the Throne. Eager to impress their masters and proud they would see their masters will done at any cost. Considering them as close to fanatical.

Pulling on the Maganek network for information they too specialized in a currency that only nobility could care for. As riches were second to a good reputation gossip became their weapon of choice. For should the commanding lords capture a suggestion from their priced servants they often would take no doubt in seeing them disciplined.

The Mayneth suffers from slight perfectionism and their ways into wars are often only to show their devotion to their lords that might benefit from even the smallest of warriors dedication. Despite their often skilled ways of fighting they are not above enslaving the lesser races to produce results that they could not do themselfs. Mindshackle scarabs makes puppets and sudden lost or stolen good is not uncommon in the realms of the living. The Mayneth often would go to great lengths for should their lords desire anything they expect to find it ready to them, and the Mayneth tendrils burrows deep into both the living civilizations and extends to other dynasties too.

The jewels of Mayneth
Said to be worn by Mayneth, First Queen of Tyrranok. This valued relic has been passed between lords that had earned the favor of the Phaeron. or the Royal courts.

While the necklace is entitled to the current guardian, Barthok she prefers to leave such matters to the lesser court members to squabble over. For while it holds great power she desires not its power or the weight of responsibility that lies on one shoulders when the wielder bears it into battle.

Derakus - The Fillers

No matter where on the Sacarelica the manual labor was provided from the Derakus foundation. while skilled in many fields but master of none they would prefer to learn from the other legions to become stronger. They were integrated early into the Dynasty's systems as they also acted as a schooling system to guide the youth of the new generation to take up the mantle of their masters securing that the young necrontyr did have something to do in the short amount of time they spend on the earthly plane.

Those that survived the hard physical labor was either send to other Sections of the Dynasty to make sure that they would not falter from lack of new blood. For the long time in the Derakus would teach them how to live on the Sacarelica. And in cold undeath this legion is where the Harvested is being integrated to allow them into the royal guard until any other foundation was necessary.

Be'kath the Masters of the Void

The mighty space fleet of the Sacarelica was guarded and maintained by this foundation. In the War in heaven they proved vital as their fleet was amongst one of the greatest in the ancient times. This legion was lost in the assault against the powers of the old ones servant races and only very few of the foundations original crews retain the memories of their greatness. Their stasis crypts lay empty should they ever return. And eventually a single necron from this foundation phases back into the stasis fields yet the foundation is far from full power it can still form several legions of Warriors and immortals.

While this foundation is not what it has been this foundation rarely sees action. And instead guards the voidships and space ports.

Working in close relation to the Decontia that acts as both Navigators, scouts and mapmakers the Bekath handles the main fleets

Trano- The Hunter of Monsters

The Trano is the foundation created from the kulateh and other hunting enthusiasts gathered by Ceealhnok. in a display of his newfound power he made this a entire foundation. Several experienced hunters and trackers rose up from their position in the Dekarus and Decontia.

Yet the greatest influx came from the Kulateh that already had great experience with fighting and hunting monsters.

Some of these would later accompany Zeetheranok on this extinction crusades but mostly gain their unique flavor during the Time of gods where they held great hunting parties across planets.

Relyaria - The Tamer of the Wild

A cryptek that serves under Daver’s court and has picked up a trick or two in the matter of taming the wild life of the galaxy. A caring personality had filled out the soulless construct and even now still have an ancient touch with any animal or creature alike. But having it improved with Mindshackle scarabs multiplies the possibilities infinitely.

She is key part of the Resurrection of the Tyracron project. And Daver has her under his control. Yet the affection for the monsters of the galaxy has been solidified into a obsession. Ever since the phaerons return her former passion has turned into a morbid experimentation, and this change has set Daver on track with the truth about the command protocol..

Tenakka - The Reclaimers

Tenakka foundation was forged as a delivery organisation for the Ge’enaka, they would specialise in escorts and protective purpose instead of offensive or stationary defences. And often also retrieving lost artifacts stolen by other dynasties or other races even.

Their prefered method of approach are often deceptive manipulation ready to reclaim lost artifacts and requariy as effectively as possible. Let alone repair or mend the damage caused by the primitives.

Having great ties with the Granekth as many of their works has been succesfully relclaimed by

Ga'likh - The Guardians of the Bio-forge

The Ga'likh - slept on a world that were ravaged by the tyranids. Though repelled they successfully were recovered. Thanks to Tel’lokker, the entire foundation was recovered and the royal foundation was successfully re awakened to fight back the tyranids. The Planet was originally covered in ice yet the ice has melted through the millennia and they found them on a water world. As the tombs raised out of the water they would seek the destruction of the rich wildlife and as the pylons made short progress of the hive ships and drove away the aquatic swarms of the Hivemind.

Thriving in ice covered worlds or cold condition this foundation was settled in the frozen poles of the Sacarelica back when it still was a planet, they would execute their missions with steadfast determination and relentless efficiency.

It was also here that the experiments of the bioforge came to be and they would play a key role int guarding it. and sometime extend their privileges to experiment with it.

Genocik - The Entertainers

The Genocik is the love child of Ceealhnok that made it a foundation on its own. The amount of fools and jesters ariving at the sacarelica proved to be a crafty and often if not gifted people that had their wits and mouths well trained. Thought the light of the sacarelica did care little for poets and theater performance, he enjoyed those that were gifted with the talents of music and song, and while it lead him down the path to see that there were other joys to be found, the young warrior prince took a cergian foundess of the gladiatorial battles that were united the skillful play of the artist with the brutal nature of battle. The arenas provided entertainment for the people too. Either slaves or elderly could take to the Genocik to make a name for himself. This was not a meant for real combat but mostly show and good spirit. Both artists and actors joined the ranks of these necrontyr that had devoted them to the ways of both the common and the nobility.

The gladiatorial traditions were common across the galaxy to train warriors and they provided an excellent talents scouting for suitable warriors for the Krome and Nyth. But evolved into a thing that the sacarelican royalty too would enjoy as Ceealhnok as a dedicated warrior descended to the arenas in the dark of night and fought in the arenas himself. and soon the arenas became a way to unite his people from the grim and cruel wars that took up the warriors lives. Keeping morale high and letting those that survived hold their worries at bay. As there were made light of the harsh reality.

The mixture of the traditions such as the amount of time the gladiator get to down one another or the weapon rules were made from different rules made from across the galaxy, were made their own. And as the many warriors from all across the sector were brought in, and before the legions were made in the biotranserance the Sacarelicans would relish to gather both in the arenas of the Genocik, and outside it as spectators to free their minds from the strife of war.

On the battlefeild they act like any other Necron legion at first but when the trap is sprung the Genocik plays their part for it is rooted deep within their protocols the importance of surprise.

Horosth - The Two-Faced

Deathmarks. The messengers from enemies. Tyrranok knew that the need for assassins would be needed to rid himself of competitors Yet it was Ceealhnok that would take that concept to the extreme. His Court was plagued by constant assassinations attempts and chaotic murderous scandals. The Mayneth remembers the stories and the maganek keeps quiet about the private affairs in this particular case.

Yet It was the Horosth that were also known as the:


The pillage of Cyknaka, the enslavements and sacking of this planet caused the Sacarelica to get a Triarch agent and as law keepers gathered. This sas also converted into a foundation in the time of metal. As the necrons lawyers and law keepers gathered from surrounding worlds. Hoping to end the pirate legacy of the Sacarelic Dynasty though order. And they may have succeeded had the bio transference not slaved them to the Sacarelica.

In the time of flesh they had great dispute with the Geenakar that would have prefered that noone had free terms to slag around their world and mess up their work. And the maganek agents had a great habit of acting for both sides. As always.

Yet with these Lawkeepers and triarch agents everywhere the foundations had found a common enemy and decided on allowing them the information that they so craved and though the will of Tyrranok himself, the Law keepers and wronged nobles settled down on the slums of the sacarlica and transformed it into considerable higher standards paying the Res’akat and thus in term the Sacarelica for their crusade against them.

Yet this was not the end they became the foundation that would try to keep law and order. Often in conflict with the Geenakar that would try to stop them at any cost.

Yet they were a foundation and even in death their services are that of justice. Under the control of Cyranak she has devoted her forces to restoring the sacarelica and rebuilding new bonds.

They now run the repair bay as it is the Cakths required their help. It just so happens to be as much an honour as a prison, yet she cannot leave as she is the last to remain. And left unchecked she dares not let the Sacarelic run wild again.

Teeran - The Grave Guardians

The archivists and guardians of the knowledge. They were the ones that saw to the dead's last wishes, rites and burriels. They would protect personal matters and bring the deceased remains to their final journeys. Marking the Dynasties borders for the living and the dead. Yet with the coming of the Biotransference they saw their power lost with the hiatus of undeath… They were the ones that found the will of Ceealhnok when he too had gone and in that moment had the first civil war broken out amongst the Sacarelicans.

Desperate to cling to some power they found their position feeble as the new phaeron did not see to their needs and the Foundation decayed. The Archevits and guardians of knowledge slipped into obscurity as their final dead were buried and they themself might as well had joined them. Their duty done.

Yet most awoke to the irony for while they had dammed Akanleanok in life. In their new existence they all fell to the destroyer madness besides a few that remained sentient enough to remember the sorrow. The huge pillars of names torn down to build themselves destroyer bodies upon reawakening destroying what they had hoped to preserve in life. Now serving Akanleanok as destroyers they might seek to redeem their sins in life.

Melikath - The Bleeding Ones

In the time of Metal, Necrons resistance to the warp has always been awkward. unable to touch it but its touch has neither been able to corrupt their circuits and minds of synthetic design. But the warp’s corruption has never been able to assimilate the Necrons keep the Warp at bay with the null field generators and boundless determination that never would give in, nor in fact has no such chance.

This legion was one of the few survivors that the assault on the Black stone weapons, though something happened to them as they phased out…

They now exist unaligned to this reality where their fractured minds seem to see some other world. Sometimes they are also said to malfunction and report enemies when non are around. They stabilize when within the range of a Null field matrix. Psykers seems to fear them as their approach they would be able to see something that the normal eye cannot. The unnaturally steel walking within the warp.

Born from the outskirts of the sacarelica their metal was said to be found underneath the piles of dead misshapen corpses that failed the biotransference.It having a slight black touch. Yet the metal would never seen to clean, as blood with always seem to cling to it.

When wounded all around it is covered in a black liquid. could be oil, but one should remember what oil really is.


The Nubis was a foundation made shortly before the great war in heaven. he had brought the most brutal into a foundation that was meant to hit weakness and hit it hard. This legion was often deployed behind enemy lines and had their time causing destruction on such a scale that the enemy would not have anything to return to should victory be out of the Sacarelican hands´, there would be no winners, if not drawing some of the defending forces out of the main combat.

Seklarran deploys this tactic and had mastered it in order to deny the enemy any sense of victory. This raid tactic had earned Seklarran a rather fearful reputation amongst the necrontyr and those that learn they fight him will do so when the Nubis foundation have served their terrible purpose.

The nyth respects them in their own way as their tactics both require urgency and timing yet that is where the similarities ends as the Nubis would without a doubt destroy anything that they do not have and were sealed away. or locked down. Their stasis crypts prisons more than resting places.

The Nubis would seem to have a larger amount of Destroyers as it is not a chance anymore but a question of when.


These were war criminals, rouge soldiers and the scum that had earned the honour of being lead by Seklarran. Cruel and cunning he has commanded the Sekt foundation that was in flesh slaves, prisoners and the scum of the Necrontyr race they were converted into Necron warriors and slave immortals, send to the sacarelica as a punishment. And while other lords might not approve of their low origin, Seklarran himself was a street boy until that he was taken in by the sacarelica. He was raised in the sekt of the Nightbringer and rose to be a extraordinary powerful warrior. Cunningly using them they rose to become the most plenty of the Foundations, their forces supporting the other foundations as they often gather in larger groups and stronger formations in doing so.

Their numbers beyond count and their power no less significant than that of other warriors. in life this foundation saw little action yet their fear of death was easily played on by Seklarran and he decided to hit down on rebellions with such cruelty that no other dared to oppose him.

Leading two entire foundations on his own the Nubis and the Sekt Seklarran had earned himself a place within the royal court, as he no longer has to spend time watching insurrections of his people now mindless.

For while in truth, he does not care.

Dynasty Appearance


  1. The Sacarelicans - Royal guardians. Has Crowns and is almost covered in gold.
  2. Kulateh - Wears nets hooks or old rags. Always has a knife.
  3. Decontia - Is inscribed with star constellation glyphs, and has blank eyes.
  4. Granekth - Sod covers their arms, wear scaled skirts.
  5. Maganek - Unknown; who knows?
  6. Krome - More square, almost no gold.
  7. Geenakar - Often 2 sets of eyes, arms or tentacles instead of arms.
  8. Santokh - More square but has less edges.
  9. Cakth - Dirty and often lighter armor plating but no difference. Extra limbs.
  10. Onukath - Clawed double-hinged feet.
  11. Nyth - Boosters in the back of their shoulders.
  12. Resakat - Tall heads.
  13. Mayneth - Almost as ornamental as the Royal guardians, but uses more red than gold.
  14. Derakus - Very basic but also mimicking whatever they are doing.
  15. Bekath - Very superficial. always look up.
  16. Trano - Often wear trinkets from their prey.
  17. Tenakka - Formal decorations.
  18. Ga'likh - Often some kind of animalistic body part, or modification.
  19. Gennocik - Can imitate anything.
  20. Horosth - often wear metallic hoods.
  21. Cyknaka - Gold torsos.
  22. Teeran Grave Keepers -
  23. Melikath The Bloody -
  24. Nubis -
  25. Sekt -

Notable Quotes

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By the Sacarelic Dynasty


"Battle is the anvil on which leaders are made. Only the strongest survive."
"Spare me your pity, brother...I have not waited this long to be beating by you...” "
— Akane’lea
"My Idiot brother."
— Akane'lea

Bar thok

"We all have time given to us, and eventually it will run out."
— Bar thok to Daver
"A paradox is not impossible it is simply a matter of perspective."
— Attr. Bar thok
"Silence may say more than a billion words if you are willing to listen."
— Attr. Bar thok
"How will we fight an enemy we cannot fight directly?"
— Bar thok


"The Silent king were right about gods...

What are a king to a god, Machine? Kings rule this world..."
“Gods are what you make them out to be."

— Daverkhet taunting a Chaos Champion
"Intelligence is the gift of knowledge while self awareness is the curse."
— Daverkhet
"Our screams are silence, soon… you will hear them."
— Daver
"They do not know that they do not care."
— Daver
"Your soul is but a vessel for your mind, your emotions but toys… I like to play."
— Daver
"Does the nightmares of the past haunt you?"
— Daver


"I have known death for a long time… you are not death."
— Delektor


"You wear the image of a broken god...join him in Oblivion."
— Seklarran to “Dark Reapers”
"Where I go. Death follows. For It has no choice."
— Seklarran
"Are you burdened by your own Intellect? if not you are simply not wise enough."
— Seklarran
"My sins forgotten, never forgiven."
— Seklarran
"The wise don’t just have a plan for what ahead, they plan for everything."
— Seklarran
"We are more alike than you believe, Khaine… both have your peoples blood on our hands."
— Seklarran
"Even the darkness fear something but it is not the light for when the light burn out… Darkness will reign again."
— Seklarran

Zcee nook

"While it is Eldar nature to fall and fail. it is Necron nature to rise again."
— Zcee nook
"Dying are for those that cannot find the will to live on, you made it this far, we are far past the point of giving up."
— Zcee nook to Delektor
"They see these psykers as sources of power, a mistake. They have build their existence of the cancer that will consume this world and for they do not care for it. they are no better than their kin feeding the dark forces."
— Zcee nook
"The Warp is a reflection of all life, I do not need much knowledge about it to tell it shows all life is wrong."
— Zcee nook
"You think me jealous of your mutation psyker? I find it curious that you consider the tumor in your brain a gift."
— Zcee nook
"I bring to you what no man before you could ever have hoped to achieve. And you refuse your true potential due to your belief that the your gods has set the way, Gods are nothing more but a tool for the smart to control the weak."
— Zcee nook
"Your concept of supremacy lies in the belief you are proven right in the end. My concept of supremacy is build on I was right all along."
— Zcee nook
"This Galaxy is in ruins. We cannot let this world slip further into the hands of the living that will doom it. All Necrons stand separated we fall, Yet If you want a people to rule over, Stormlord. We must save it first."
— Zcee nook
"I failed where you succeed. to die."
— Zcee nook
"They feed upon life… We will starve them, We will break them."
— Zcee nook
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About the Sacarelic Dynasty