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"Honor our fathers, protect the innocent and meek, demolish and burn those that would oppose the Emperor's subjects. These are the tenants of our righteous calling, and they are our creed! Glory for the Emperor, and honor to his servants!"
— Lord Crusader Drakorius addressing the victorious Chapter after routing an army of Chaos Marines (854.M41)

The Sons of Galastram are a 25th Founding Successor Chapter of the honored Penitent Knights Chapter. Created during the 40th Millennium, the Sons proudly adhere to the near chivalric culture of their forebear Chapter, adopting many of the customs, strategies, and beliefs. Like the Knights, the Sons fervently believe in the value of civilian life and will gladly endure many hardships to secure their safety. Because of this, or perhaps the reason for it, the two Chapters have maintained a very close relationship, the younger Chapter seeing the Knights as their noble fathers. However, differing from their parent Chapter, the Sons of Galastram are mostly a crusading Chapter, roaming the Imperium for foes to slay, though sometimes taking periods of time to defend their parent Chapter's system to rebuild their ranks. But while the Penitent Knights care surprisingly little for their mysterious origins, the Sons have made it their mission to seek the answer to the origination of their gene-seed. Additionally, the Sons greatly enjoy contests of skill at arms, more so than other Chapters, going as far as to hold continuous tournaments aboard their great Battle Barge, the "Anvil of Valor."

Notable Campaigns

The Coming of the Scions (312.M40)

Following their exemplary and heroic actions during a campaign against a Chaos worshiping insectoid xenos race known as the Vya, and their celebrated success during the battle known as "Galastram's Charge," the Penitent Knights Chapter was given the honor of siring a new Successor Chapter, that being the Sons of Galastram, named after the legendary Lord Crusader of the Penitent Knights. The Knights were heavily involved with the beginnings of the new Chapter, devoting an entire Order, or Company, to ensure that the young Astartes would receive the best training they could, even so far as to grant the Feudal World of Ostrava for the Scions to found and build their Chapter. Soon after the Scions were considered ready for action they left the Aegimius System to patrol around the Gothic Sector for Crusades to join, eager to prove themselves.

The Crucible (314.M40)

After two Terran years of light engagement with roaming bands of xenos races, the young Sons of Galastram Chapter found itself engaged in a much more serious war. As Chaos had begun to gain momentum in Segmentum Obscurus, and a warband of Black Legion marines crossed the path of the Sons of Galastram. The loyalist Astartes found the Chaos Marines upon an unnamed Death World, where the Chapter Master, or Lord Crusader, as their culture dictates, ordered the Chapter's fleet engage the traitor warships while three of the Orders (Companies) brought battle to the Black Legion Warband on the surface of the Death World. The relatively young Astartes faced traitors with far more experience, and though few in number, fought as fiercely as could be expected. The Warlord of this Warband then used some strange technology to trap the Orders of the Sons of Galastram upon the Death World for weeks by making the planet's atmosphere extremely hazardous to prevent the use of aerial vehicles, subjecting them to arduous trials and ambushes. However, the Lord Crusader, Cadlaine, freed his brothers by slaying the Warlord and destroying the weather device. The Sons look back on this event as their first true trial.

Lord Crusader Cadlaine, after returning with the survivors of the encounter, deemed that the Chapter's brothers needed to be more ready for such battles, and thus, aboard the Chapter's immense Battle Barge, the "Anvil of Valor," a grand arena was fashioned to host a constant tourney of squad-based fights between the Scions or against captured xenos beast races. Cadlaine named this tournament, the Crucible. Using non-lethal weaponry against brothers, the Sons would be a constantly sharpened blade, always improving their skills between glorious battles in the Emperor's name, or to bring pride to both the them and their progenitor Chapter.

War of the Carrion (554.M41)

<To be written>


Following in the example of the Penitent Knights, the Sons of Galastram took their progenitor's ideas even further and divided their numbers into a mere three great Orders. Said Orders are: the Order of the Silver Blade, Order of the Blessed Gauntlet, and the Order of the Iron Steed.

Names eluding to their purpose, the Silver Blade exalt the thrill of melee combat and train rigorously with chainsword and power weapons and thus is mostly comprised of Crusader (Assault) squads. The Blessed Gauntlet, conversely, prefer to utilize bolter and heavy weapons to rain a hateful storm of the Emperor's wrath upon their foes with Tactical and Devastator squads. Finally, the Iron Steed bring all manner of vehicles into battle alongside their brethren such as Land Raiders, Predators, Whirlwinds, Razorbacks, as well as the Chapter's aerial arsenal.


As the Sons of Galastram are a fleet-based Chapter, they do not have any one planet to draw Aspirants from, unlike the Penitent Knights. Thusly, the Sons will examine the populace of a world they've either fought on, or helped save, and will recruit from there. No matter what background these neophytes come from, they are taught to both respect and adhere to the ways of their Chapter. And when a group of neophytes are deemed ready, they will enter the Crucible and spar against one another. Those that excel or otherwise impress the present Chaplains will be selected for admission into the ranks of the Sons of Galastram, whereas the other "failed" neophytes are either allowed to become the Chapter's serfs, or may try a second and final time in the next bout of neophytes.


Inheriting their sacred Gene-seed from their parent Chapter, they also inherited the mystery of its origin. To this very day, both the Sons of Galastram and Penitent Knights are unaware of which Primarch is their gene-father.

Combat Doctrine

As they are an entirely mobile and fleet-based Chapter, the entirety of the Sons of Galastram often deploy alongside each other. Thusly, all three of the Orders will land on the battlefield, with the Silver Blade usually establishing a forward position, the Blessed Gauntlet following closely behind to reinforce said position, and finally when the Iron Steed makes landfall, both of the other Orders will receive the support of roaring vehicles and bike squadrons.