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The Yellow Hands are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during the tragic 21st Founding, the so-called Cursed 21st Founding, from the gene-seed of Roboute Guilliman. The Chapter, cursed to forever lack the ability to replicate any of their cells naturally, have become a chapter obsessed with medicine and precision, obsessed with enhancing their own bodies with copious amounts of Surgery, Implants and other Procedures.

Chapter Doctrine: The Yellow Hands in war traditionally prefer tactics of extremely precise surgical strikes, with the intention of destroying Priority Targets as quickly and as effectively as possible. These strikes are usually performed by one of the chapters many Flyers, obliterating any target at little cost to life or materiel. In cases where more precise action is needed, task forces usually consisting of one or two squads of infantry are deployed,and are expected to complete their objective with the trademark precision and efficiency of the chapter.

Gene-Seed: As a Chapter of the 21st Founding, the Yellow Hands gene-seed is deeply flawed. Namely, their cells cannot naturally replicate, leading to a list of problem that spans multiple volumes. This does lead to a single benefit though, as the Yellow Hands are incredibly hard to actually put down, able to survive nearly any injury as long as their brain remains mostly intact.


The Yellow Hands follow a fairly simple recruitment procedure, requiring all aspirants to go through a battery of simple trials and tests, more as a way to quickly assess the recruits Physical and Mental Capabilities rather than to truly test him.

Notable Yellow Hand Members:

Chapter Master Joth Baratheon: Unlike many of his predeccessors, the Chapter Master of the Yellow Hands is highly charismatic, widely respected amongst his peers

The Captains

Jin Herite: Next in line to the seat of Chapter Master, the First Captain is a quiet and completive man, preferring to think before taking any action. While Many, within and without the chapter think he is too cautious and uncharismatic to ever become Chapter Master, and a small few decry him as a coward. For many though, his string of great victories, and the countless Enemy Warlords slain by his Power Sword, 'Desolation' prove him more than worthy to take the Title.

Lathith the Reborn: The First among the Yellow Hands to receive the gift of Ascension into one of the Primaris, many among the Chapter see this Charismatic and Intelligent Captain as the true future of the Chapter, citing both his Good Relationship with many in Ultramar, and his Macraggian Origin, and his Great Victory over several Tomb Worlds in the 'Shadow of Agra' Crusade.

Mernin Besheath: The Sole Survivor of the Eldar Incursion that destroyed the Third Company, the Sergeant was quickly promoted and assigned to rebuild the Shattered Company. So Far the Third Company has grown to full strength, even if much of the Companies most experienced warriors were lost.

Fourth Captain

Vecheithios: Nothing is Known of this Captain, aside from his Noble Birth, implying a Secretive personality.

Samandriel: Captain of the 6th Company, Samandriel is Calm and Collected, able to hold his own even against the worst horrors the Galaxy has to offer, with his Grav-Blade 'Solstice' having claimed the lives of thousands..

Gost of Jethis: From the Gas Giant of Jethis, Gost is the High Admiral of the Chapter, leading the fleet of the Yellow Hands from his flagship, 'The Furious Blade'. His Seventh Company is permanently assigned to support void actions and preform drop pod assaults when necessary.

Lead Chaplain Bath the Thrice-Blessed: The 8th Company is full of the most Fanatical in the Yellow Hands, and Bale, he who has burned a dozen worlds is above them all. Taking both the Role as Lead Chaplain, the rank below Head Chaplain and the Captain of the 8th Company, he serves as the main diplomat to the Ministorum, and leads the great purgation campaigns of the 8th.

The Ironhearted One: Cold and Calculating, this captain lost both of his hearts to a Necron Lord and an Succubus of the Wych Cults respectably. Having replaced them with Mechanical Substitutes, he renounced his old name and took up the name of 'The Ironhearted One' as a symbol of Shame for his failures. Now, after hundreds of years he has accumulated more and more injuries, and more and more Mechanical Augments, much to his dismay. He is now the most Augmented in the Chapter, and the Most Feared among its ranks. With his Relic Heavy Bolter, 'Shatterer' he has mowed down thousands of foes in his life, leading his contingent of Predators to crush any who stand in their way.

Bretillius: The Scout Captain of the Yellow Hands, he is relatively young and to many is considered as the future of the Yellow Hands. Able and Vigorous, he has led his company to many victories over the years.

Notable Quotes

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By the Yellow Hands

"Agra Stands!"
— Typical Yellow Hands battle-cry
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About the Yellow Hands

"The flesh is fluid, it can be changed, reshaped, remade. You serve as a living example of that. However, do pray yours takes not too hideous a form, or you will find us at your doorstep."
— Lord Shehid of the Maleficent Scars

"The Yellow Hands...tragic cases. I only wish there was more we could do to help, especially with our shared ancestry. I shall continue to work on the Hands' curse, in the hope of finding a solution for them."
"How strange Kerrisus, I've never known you show compassion before"
-Chief Apothecary Steritus and Inceptor Sgt. Kohldon of the Will Breakers on the Yellow Hands